How Is It To Fall Madly, Deeply And Unconditionally In Love!

They say good things come to those who wait. Perhaps it’s the same about love. True love waits because very rarely do we find someone we love, who loves us back. That person becomes our soul-mate. We come across another such couple who are willing to wait for love.

As she comes to see him before he goes, both of them apologize to each other for their argument last night, as they argued because they were upset to depart from one another for a year. Perhaps that was their love last night, the love that they would not be able to share with each other till he is back from duty.

She wrote a letter to him only to ask him to read it when he is gone. Perhaps she wanted him to relive those moments they spent with each other. Two weeks, yes! That’s all that it took for her to fall madly, deeply and unconditionally in love with him.

She couldn’t help but think about Chris all the time. A part of her feared that there would come a time when he would not feel the same way, and would forget her and the times they shared together. But, she believed they could make it last forever. She asked him to look at the moon every first moon day and think about the time they first met each other, and she would do the same. She would wait; wait for Chris because true love always waits…

One year descended and Chris back from national duty recalled the letter and felt wonderful that he was loved back so much by someone he loved and that he had found his soul-mate who understood him like no other, loved him like no other and would be there for him forever.

Chris went straight to meet her, perhaps she was waiting for Chris, and it felt as if time had crawled back to those two weeks they spent with each other. Nothing had changed for them.


Source: BrekanArts

Nothing lasts forever, but for some, love lives on even after they are gone just as Chris rightly said. Chris’s love story tells us that no time is less for one to fall in love and that when we find our soul mate, we should wait; wait till that soul mate is with us forever because true love always waits…

Are you willing to wait for the person you love? Do let me know…

Till then, Spread some Cheer!


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