Love Without Pride And Prejudice!

They say the greatest lessons come from the most unexpected sources. Around the world, animals express their love for each other and us as well. They are our best teachers. They teach us how to live life, how to forgive, and how to love without pride and prejudice.

Love in any form is the basis of keeping two living things together. It helps keep a balance in the world by creating emotions that are interwoven within oneself.

I came across one such wonderful story of two animals, whose extreme love for each other, could help educate us in changing our lives.

Tarra and Bella had met each other in the Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee. Well, Tarra was the Elephant and Bella, a dog. Like any other newbie, Tarra looked out for someone whom she could relate to in the sanctuary and found Bella to be her perfect companion. Once they had met, they spent a whole lot of years together – eating, drinking, playing and sleeping.

Being together for a number of years had its own benefits and due to it both of them had become close and inseparable. But this was unknown to most of the people at the Sanctuary until Bella suffered a spinal cord injury. She couldn’t move her legs or wag her tail. For three weeks, the dog laid motionless up in the sanctuary office and for three weeks the elephant stood vigil outside the clinic, in a corner.

Source: funbury

After the incident, their love and trust grew stronger than ever. Bella even lets Tarra pat her tummy with her foot. They harbored no fear, no secrets and no prejudices, just two living creatures madly in love with each other in spite of so many differences.

If they can do it then what’s our excuse? It’s time to think!

Till then keep spreading the love!

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