How Far Off Will You Go For The Person You Love?

While I was at work last night, I suddenly got a video link on messenger from a close friend & colleague of mine. The message read- “Be sure to grab a lot of tissues before watching this film!”

This instantly raised a lot of questions in my mind – what is it about? Is it really so emotionally strong that it could tear me apart? , etc etc…

He is a kind of person who doesn’t really like sharing much at the workplace, until and unless it has had a major impact on him and his life… so I was very curious to watch it! I grabbed my headphones deciding not to waste another second.

Jubilee Project in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan and his latest book “You and me Forever” has lately released a film called ‘Blind Devotion’, about selfless devotion and unconditional love.

Source: JubileeProject

It all begins with a cute and a happy couple, Cecilia and Louis. Cecilia loves her husband and wakes up to his snoring every morning. Just like other young couples, they look too adorable pillow fighting with each other, going about their daily routine and sending simple reminders of their love for each another.

Everything seemed so right when suddenly, love and commitment between the partners are tested. The beautiful lady discovers that a disease is taking away her vision and is turning her completely blind.

She goes through the fear of not being herself anymore…

The fear of losing her career…

The fear of not being able to make his ‘Eggs with Everything’…

And, the fear of becoming his patient and not his partner…

Cecilia begins to fight with herself over whether to tell her husband or not. Finally, after a lot of thinking she decides to tell him but refuses to take any help.

On the other hand, Louis wants to wake her up every morning and tell her how much he loves her, even though she doesn’t want to listen.

But what she doesn’t know is that Louis is by her side the whole time, helping her cook, doing the laundry and following her all the way to her office and making sure she’s safe.

“Cecilia will never know how much I do for her, and I don’t ever need her to know. That’s how I still love her. Even though she doesn’t want me to.”

Because True Love Is More Than Just A Feeling… It’s An Action!

I surely had tears in my eyes after watching this short video and yes, tissues do help. It aroused many questions again in my mind. How far will I go for the person I love? What if something like this happens to my future wife that will change our relationship forever? What if I was in his place? How would I have reacted? Would I do that?

A Video like “Blind Devotion” is truly an example of unconditional love and selfish devotion and serves as further proof that true love can beat all odds. If you love someone, then there is nothing that love can’t overcome. It reminds us what it might be like to love each other through the darkest of moments and the lowest of circumstances in our lives. There will always be ups and downs, but we should keep up the strength and not let it decrease the love we have for each other.

I hope you’re encouraged by it. And I also hope that you are reminded of the type of love that you’re aiming for in your life.

P.S: – Thank you, my friend, for sharing this masterpiece with me and I hope you will spread this wonderful message too.


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