If Only I Could Fall In Love With This Lovely Lady Draped In A Red Dress!

Love makes you lose your heart and leaves you with that uncontrollable desire for the one you feel. Here’s a beautiful short story about a person who falls and then rises in love.

By the crossroads, sipping his coffee, overlooking the lady with the red dress, he is immediately struck by love at first sight and can’t seem to lose the sight of her from his eyes. It feels like a dreamlike sequence as he is struck by Cupid’s arrow all of a sudden only to give him an uncontrollable desire for her. It reminds me of the song ‘Lady in Red’ by Chris DeBurgh.

This ordeal of love caused by cupid’s arrow is visible to everyone around and creates a lot of humor among people around as he tries to figure out the cure. But little did he know that love is a poison with no antidote, and he keeps thinking of her.


Source: justlovedating

He tries to nurse his pain of forgetting her by meeting, as his friend says, more fishes in the sea. But only to his disappointment he realizes that he is too much in love to meet more of those fishes. He doesn’t even find interest in the hottest of girls he meets.

But just like love found him and caught him in the most unexpected way, he finds himself free of cupid’s arrow struck on him by her, only to make them both realize the love they had at their First sight.

Just like Cupid’s arrow conquers one with love, he lost his heart to her and gets rescued only by her to bind them together.


One thought on “If Only I Could Fall In Love With This Lovely Lady Draped In A Red Dress!

  1. Here is a follow up on “Charmed By A Snake”. I relaly like it. The best way to describe it is Carmel with sparkles. It’s perfect if you wear oranges, which I do. And it is prefect for fall. I have already gotten complimented on the shade by a friend. To bad it is retired. I wonder if they reproduce the same colors under new names, because this one is nice.

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