Love Is Blind, But What She Found Out About Her Dream Guy Blew Her Senses!

Love is blind and when one falls for another it’s just an awesome moment. Love at first sight is something that might happen from one side or both. But there have been instances when this could turn hilarious and sometimes quite serious.

Emotionally love charges the wires within and the sweet electric currents start flowing. At this time there is no advice which could overpower this beautiful magic.

When this beautiful teenage girl Gunjan, fell for a handsome guy and followed her at every step it was first love for her. From her window sill, she had found her ‘Vanilla with hot chocolate’, her Aditya Roy Kapoor.

She did not know what was coming and she definitely could not imagine the outcome. She caught her friend to help her at every stage. While her friend fretted, she kept on the pursuit.

And, what she found out about her dream guy, it just blew her senses.

Editor’s Note:- Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival organized an event ‘Kashish Forward’ where three short films on gay and transgender themes were screened at the event : –

  • Crush Shake (by Jagruti Jethe)- A fast-paced comedy with a twist in the end.
  • Kyunki (by Avinash Matta)- A short journey of a non-believer towards his realization of faith in queer rights.
  • Mitraa (by Ravi Jadhav)- A short film about a strong girl with a different sexual orientation.

Love can be between anyone and there are no boundaries.

 Source: humaramovie


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