This Distance Can Only Be Measured By Destiny And Not Miles!

True love always lasts, and if a love story does not reach its desired destination, it stays forever and is the truest.

Love is the only feeling that knows no bounds. It stays beyond the realms of life and death. We came across one such story which is distanced by destiny and not miles.

The story begins with “Joy” and showing the joy of the couple of being together. They are like any other long distance couple sharing all those moments over the internet that they would have, had they been together – Celebrating their date, sharing their food, ice cream and even blowing the birthday cake. This could be a long distance marriage for the two people who had fallen in love.

But the story reveals its suspense when the long distance marriage turns out to be last of the videos the girl had recorded for him. The girl who would have said “yes” but for the operation that she underwent, failed. The moment of she saying yes was beautifully depicted with the girl dawning her wedding dress and if ever she could have married, she would have married the guy on the other end of the video because he brought her joy like no one else did.

This girl, Joy Gill had left him, leaving him with only her memories in mind, as she had asked him to move on in life and delete all those special moments in the videos and the messages which she shared with him and spread joy to others like he spread in her life.


Here lies Joy, who brought Joy upon our lives.

Even though she left him in tears, she always brought joy to him, and her name was symbolic to the kind of person she was.

The story leaves us with melancholy and tells us to move on with joy and bring joy to the life of others as their love would stay forever despite the fateful distance that exists between them now…

Joy Gill had been distanced by Destiny, were you?

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