This Is The Case Of Unconditional Love!

“You don’t love someone because they are perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they are not.” – Jodi Picoult

Feel profoundly grateful and thankful for the tremendous good fortune God has bestowed upon us. We all are indebted to him for the great creation, which we all need to preserve in this world. Not all are blessed with senses that are considered to be the gifts of nature. And, also very few are blessed to be loved by someone despite knowing that the one they love are not so perfect.

To share this wonderful creation of God, here’s a cute and short musical romance of Shriya and Joe which promises to bring a smile to your face in the end.

Shriya and Joe’s love started at the park. On their first day, they sat on the same bench but a little away from each other. Shriya looked at Joe; he was too shy to look at her back. Perhaps it was their love at first sight. The next day, he came early and waited for her; she came after a while and sat diagonally opposite to him. This went on for a week. Then, finally he gathered all the courage and asked her for her number. After a lot of thinking, she gave her number symbolically using her hands (All this while they had been interacting with each other using the sign language, and there was no verbal communication between them). Then, after a lot of thinking he decided to text her and later asked her in the same sign language to check her phone.

Over messages, they asked each other for their names and colleges. Joe also asked her which song she was listening to and if she could share it with him and to that she replied, ‘A special song J’, but she was feeling too shy to share it.

Just like the other days, Joe arrived early the next day and waited for her to come. She sat at the end of the same bench. Just then a cute little boy tried to sit in between them, but Joe didn’t let him and instead moved closer to her, decreasing the distance between them. This gave a smile on Shirya’s face and seeing her beautiful smile, it made him smile too. Perhaps, they realized that they had fallen for each other. Instantly she grabbed her phone and wrote asking if he wanted to listen to the song that he was too eager to hear the other day, to he wrote, yes, in agreement.

She gave him her earphones. As soon as he put them on, for a second, he thought that there was some problem with it. There was no sound. He realized later that she was a special girl and was hearing impaired…


Source: dinesh tk

In spite of Shriya being hearing impaired, Joe fell for her and found her to be beautiful. There is no end to our wants, but it takes courage to accept something that we never wanted. True love does not view impairment as obstacles. Joe understood that he loved Shriya not because of her impairment but due to what she was. It is important to recognize the right moment of finding happiness and sticking to it.

We also need to learn to appreciate and be grateful for everything we have and everything we are going to receive. If all of us stopped for a moment and looked around us, we would find endless things we have that others are not as fortunate enough to have. It’s high time we stop wishing for more perfectness and start loving and caring for the ones we are with.

Joe accepted Shriya’s love unconditionally! Would you?


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