This Is What You Realize During The Test Of Times!

“People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it.”

Certain feelings bring a surreal emotion in our lives. Love is one such feeling. It makes your world go round when you want to go straight.

Daniel was experiencing the same bliss but little did he know that the girl (Lisa) whom he madly loved was unaware of how he felt about her. Daniel never explicitly told Lisa, but everyone except Lisa knew his feelings for her. Lisa was an ambitious girl but carefree. She loved Daniel’s company and how he used to make her feel. Daniel valued her the most. They always used to hang around together.

Daniel never felt the need to tell Lisa about his feelings and was happy with how things were until one not so fine day when Peter proposed his love to Lisa. Lisa was too focused on her work to think about love and so she got frantic and asked Peter for some time to reconcile her thoughts. Peter respected that. Peter was the guy from Liza’s office, and Liza respected Peter a lot.

Lisa couldn’t hold on to what had just happened. She immediately called up Daniel expecting him to get her out of the misery. Hitherto, Daniel got the most unpleasant shock of his life. As Liz (as he liked to call her) was unfolding the events in front of Dan (as she liked to call him), he felt betrayed, not by Lisa but by the tides of time.

Daniel always felt he had time by his side, but these unexpected turn of events had put his feelings at bay. Right now Lisa needed Daniel and as always he was there. Daniel was always there. Counterfeiting how he felt, Dan just gave a one liner question to Lisa – Can he keep you happy forever?

Liza, after indecision said a nervous, – Yes. Ignorant of how Dan was feeling, Liza eventually agreed to Peter’s proposal.

Dan was sensitive and decided to cut himself out of Liza’s life, only to create space between the best of Friends. The wedding was due in three months. He was counting days, sulking every moment, thinking whether conveying his feelings could still make a difference. Lisa meanwhile tried to get her friend back but to no avail. As days clawed near to her wedding day, she started to miss Dan during her special moments and was wondering what could have changed between them.

Liz wanted Dan as her best man for her wedding, but Dan had decided to give the wedding a miss. Liz was clearly unhappy going to her wedding without her friend, Dan.

Peter knew how Liz felt and consoled her to say ‘I do…’ but Liz had realized the emptiness in her heart without Dan. Lisa, who had never thought of love, had suddenly realized that her heart was always with Dan and that it was he who made her feel beautiful about herself as he was always there for her.

Lisa and Daniel were always together, and after Liz had realized, it was no different!

Perhaps, this separation was ‘The Test of Times’ for them. The time which Dan thought he always had, the time that Lisa took to realize her love for Daniel.

Liz had undergone ‘The Test of Times’. But have you?

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One thought on “This Is What You Realize During The Test Of Times!

  1. An interesting story. However, I think true love can stand the test of time. On the other hand, it is important to convey one’s feelings, as that is what is essential in a relationship. Communication can do a lot of good.

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