You Could Lie Buried In The Grave If You Don’t Forgive And Forget!

We’ve all heard it a thousand times that we should learn to forgive and forget. But, is this truly how we feel? Is this what we really follow in our lives?

When someone really hurts us, do we still want to forgive that person? Forgiving seems almost unusual and unnatural, right? But, letting go of bitterness and anger can work wonders for our health, our attitude, and our relationships, off course. Here is why we should forgive someone even if a part of us does not want to.

Set in the World War II ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ is about a war vet and his beautiful wife, and it teaches us the importance of forgiving and forgetting.

People are screaming with pain and agony, in a bus full of war vets. One of the vets looks at the picture of himself and his wife. He in flashback, sees himself hugging, swinging and kissing, his wife under the willow tree. He tells her that he would love her forever, and she replies “You come home, and we’ll start our family.” When the bus reaches his house, someone wakes him up.

Just before leaving the bus, he has a sweet conversation with the driver where the driver of the bus says, “Go start your life son.”

He enters his house, and he looks at the pictures that are lying just above the piano. He hears laughter upstairs and walks up expecting to find his wife alone, but instead she is in bed with another man.

Completely shattered and heartbroken, the man leaves his house.

In deep pain, the man gets drunk but not enough to get his wife off his mind. His drinking becomes chronic alcoholism that gradually kills him. He is found with his face down in the pillow with a note that says, “I’ll love her till I die.”

He lies beneath the willow while the Angles sing the beautiful song, ‘Whiskey Lullaby’…

After his death, his wife gradually develops a drinking habit. She keeps blaming herself for her husband’s death. During her drunken state, she dances with several men but finds herself seeing her dead husband’s face in the other men. She cries and drinks at her husband’s grave. Soon she dies to. She is also found with her face down in the pillow clinging to his picture for dear life.

Now she is laid next to him.

A little girl smiles and looks at back. At the graves their ghosts, hug and kiss and dance and fall in love again.



I’m not a big country fan but when my friend shared this amazing video with me, I had goosebumps and was almost on the verge of crying. It taught me how important it was to forgive someone and forget somethings in life. Let us not carry our burden to our graves.

Forgiveness is not something we do for others – it’s something we do for ourselves. It doesn’t mean what happened was OK, and it also doesn’t mean that person should still be welcome in our lives. Forgiveness just means that we have made peace with the pain, and we are ready to let it go. Loving is forgiving and forgetting.


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