Letters Like “I Miss You” Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes!

“It’s so strange to think that someone I knew so well is now a total stranger to me,” says the narrator of the Australian filmmaker Nick Barrow, directed by Anton Sheptooha and L’Barrow. It’s interesting to think about how we make people who used to be everything to nothing again.

We all have memories, some that we would treasure it forever and some that we would rather forget.

The short film “I Miss You”, examines the aftermath of a breakup. The film evokes exactly what it is like to miss someone.  The guy in the film, through a letter, wanted his ex- girlfriend to know that the memories that he made with her would always be looked at in fondness. He wasn’t sure if the letter was going to relieve the sheer agony of being away from her, but he wanted her to know that he missed her… missed her like crazy!

They hadn’t seen each other or talked to each other for a while, but he wanted her to know that he had been doing a lot of thinking about her.  Neither did he regret nor did he want to see her again. Just wanted her to know that he missed her…

Just that he missed her tremendously.

Source: Beyond Tomorrow Films

Love is a very strange feeling. Sometimes it is the reason we want to live, and sometimes it is the only reason we want to die. But, overall it is that small feeling that changes everything. The film follows a relationship’s beginning in love at first sight at a party to its eventual ending because of a lot of reasons and issues.

Relationships are filled with all kinds of ups and downs. Unfortunately, far too many relationships come to an end and result in a breakup. While I was watching this video, I thought of writing a letter just like this to my Ex- Boyfriend. Everything that he said was just the same things I was thinking about last week.

“I reflected everything that happened. I’ve felt the same way: I just didn’t know how to express it.” This short video made me say this…  exactly what a good art would make you say too!

Editor’s Note: – ‘I Miss You’ is based on Moonfruit comics’ Reasons’ by Robyn Slack.

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