The Best Way To Find Your Love!

‘Love Isn’t Something You Find. Love Is Something That Finds You’ – Loretta Young

Some things are beyond our control – One being our ever so fragile heart that loses itself to its near and dear ones. But, there is always one who is dearest to us, that person is the person we love. This person comes in our life to make us realize why it never worked with anyone else and bring a feeling in our lives which no one else does – the feeling of love!

There are a lot of moments in our lives when we seek love, and this usually arises due to the need of filling up the hollow portion in our lives. This void is filled on its own. As they say, the greatest moments in life are found when we least expect them. Love is surely the epitome of that. It comes to us as a surprise, at times making us fall in love with people we never imagined.

I would like to share a real-life incident that happened to my best friend, Amira in this regard. Amira had gone through heartbreak and had recovered with lots of self- conviction. She was looking for a rebound but even at her most attractive self, she did not find the love of her life and, therefore, decided to focus on her career. She formed an opinion that love was not in her agenda any longer, and even if it did come to her, she would avoid it.

Starting again with a new beginning she went ahead to create her career and things went smooth with her. With a new place, came new people in her life. This started a string of flings for her. With a lot of flings, she was surely not thinking of love. But as she took the time to find her feet at a new place, only one guy gave her the solace like no other person. They spent sleepless nights talking to each other, discussing their past. The guy loved her, but he also knew what she thought about love. She was sure this was not turning into love, but love is the flu that catches you unaware and infects you like a mosquito bite. Same thing happened with her. She was once again in love and the feeling that she was running away from found her this time!

Whether you are a guy who cannot find a girl due to inferiority complex of or that nerd who sits in the front bench of the university, love will find you just the way it found my best friend.

This is the best way to find your love.

Till then sit back, relax, talk to people, bring a smile and you will find those good gestures will return in the form of love from various quarters.

How did you find your love?


One thought on “The Best Way To Find Your Love!

  1. Thank you for sharing your very nice story. It is true, it is better the love find us mainly for women. He will send us the big fish on His time. In any relationship , there is always a season up and down. When a man do not love her, he won’t committ mainly our world full of crazy stuff. What each of us looking for in the relationship?

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