Is Friendship Greater Than Love?

We often draw comparison between friendship and love and how the two cross path in our lives. It seems that these relations complicate our lives, but here we come across a story that gives us the true meaning of ‘Friendship‘, putting true friendship above all odds. Rebecca Townsend from Connecticut is a teenager who gave her life to save her friends and her’s is a story that will touch all hearts.

Rebecca was a joyful person who always placed others before herself by her generous and caring nature. She had three wishes on her bucket list as a part of her school assignment: 1. Kiss in the rain 2. Fly to Spain and 3. Save a life.

She had experienced the bliss of her first two wishes before graduating from high school, but on July 2, 2015 while crossing Lake Avenue Thursday night, and on the way back from a fireworks display an unforeseen tragedy struck.

This tragedy provided her a way to fulfill her final wish on her list, where she pushed her friend out of the path of an approaching car, before being hit and killing herself. Ben, who survived the collision, had his life due the sacrifice she made for him.

Since then, in fond memory of Rebecca her family had set up a Facebook page in the name of “Remembering Rebecca” with an objective to encourage others to go out, do something that matters and be kind to others. This was one way to keep her spirit alive.

When we think of the sacrifice Rebecca made, we question ourselves as to what made her do this? Perhaps this was her love for her friend Ben because being in love with each other doesn’t mean you have to be lovers, sometimes you just have to be friends.

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection and love and this story just brings out the greatness of true friendship and perhaps that’s where the answer to our question lies.

To celebrate Rebecca’s life and her friendship, we would like to reiterate her story on this Friendship Day as it is a day that underlines the significance of friends in our lives and celebrates this beautiful relationship. It is a day to rejoice the special bond of trust, love, understanding, dependability and care between each other. This day is enthusiastically celebrated on the first Sunday of August, every year across diverse cultures and in different parts of the world.

I dedicate this post to all friends and lovers. Let all of us value and celebrate true friendship, as a true friend is like a shadow that stays with us forever even if love gives us heartbreaks.

Cheers to that special bond, love, understanding and to all my lovely friends!





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