How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Love!

We have always known that time is the greatest healer of wounds, but the truth is that the power to endure the injuries during that time comes from love. The greatest of wounds can be healed if treated with some love and care. Love has the power to heal everything. One such instance where love ignites some hope of recovery in Abby Sayles life, the four-year-old girl who had her wish of marrying her favorite nurse got fulfilled.

Abby was diagnosed with leukemia and was undergoing treatment for a year. Matt Hickling, a nurse at the Albany Medical Center, was the reason why chemotherapy was bearable for the 4-year-old. This 4- year- old was always under his care and had discussed the idea of getting married to Matt with her mom. When she asked Matt, he immediately said “Yes”, and the hospital staff made arrangements in the quickest possible time. The nurses became bridesmaids, laid a bed of roses for her, sung the wedding song, and Matt got a tuxedo t-shirt to wear while a local florist donated the puppy style bouquet of flowers for Abby. Matt and Abby exchanged a huge hug and sealed the deal with ring pops.

Abby was overjoyed as this was her “first wedding” and was blushing. In the midst of the pain and the grief of the disease, she found joy in Matt and the hospital staff. While Matt couldn’t have kept the oath in a better way, he went an extra mile and the love they shared showed in Abby’s reports which only got better.

Source:- Mockingbird

Abby got one of the fondest memories of her life due to Matt and who knows how life could take an unexpected turn for him. Matt’s love might be the reason why Abby recovers. This is what love does to us. It gives us hope, hope that our lives will get better and gives us a reason to live. Love teaches us to live for others, and that’s what this nurse did; he solved the biggest problems with love.

Let’s pray for Abby’s recovery and send her some love because we know – Love has the power to heal all wounds.

Feel free to share any messages you would like to convey to Abby or her favorite nurse Matt.

Reference:- Huffington Post


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