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True love is difficult to find and when you find it, hold on to it like you have never done before. Loving someone not only means showing them that they mean the world, but also caring for them and their family. This is exactly what Tyler Shelton in this lovely story did.

I bet it will make you say – ‘I wish every father gets a son-in- law like him and every girl gets a guy like him.’

Tyler Shelton, a video blogger, had been together with Haylee Rose for almost seven years. He met her in middle school. When he decided to propose marriage to her, he wanted to do it traditionally.

Unfortunately, he never got a chance to seek blessings from his father-in-law, Greg, who suddenly passed away in April 2014.

He prepared a heart touching video, to make his proposal extra special. The video showed not only his love for Haylee, but also for her entire family. Haylee’s family treated him as one of their own and had always been by his side. This video had all their special moments captured. This way he thought he had conveyed his message to Greg and got his blessings.

In the video, Tyler was seen asking each one of Haylee’s siblings if they are ‘cool’ with his idea of marrying Haylee. After getting the approval and blessings from the whole family, the video showed a scene where he popped the question to her on a beautiful cobblestone road in Rome to which she happily accepted.

But that was not all; there was one more surprise for her. The video had a sweet message that he wrote to Greg and had all things that he wished to tell him in person, had he got the chance.

It was a big turning point in both Tyler and Haylee’s lives, and he didn’t let it sweep under the rug. By making him part of the video, he managed to not only get him noticed but also emphasize that Greg was a big part of their lives.

Source:- TribeTyler

In the letter he wrote,

“Dear Greg,

Today I am going to marry your daughter. I always thought of how I was going to ask for your blessing one day and now that day is here. I wish you were here to hand your baby girl off to me, so I promise to be more than you would ever want me to be. I want to be the man who shows her love and patience, and give her everything she needs. I will tell her exactly how beautiful she is, and show her how to believe in herself. I will take care of her.

I want to give her experiences people only dream of, and love her unconditionally, because I wouldn’t want to see the world with anybody else. Most importantly, I will make you proud to call me your son.”

What a great way to seek everyone’s blessings before such an important event. Tyler proved to Haylee that by creating such an act, he was part of her life in every way.

There is such an incident in everyone’s love life! What’s yours?

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