Cinderella Finally Found Her Fairy Tale Dream Man!

Accepting who you are, and learning to love yourself can free you from your gilded cage. A beautiful heart will take you far.” said Michelle’s mother to her.

Well, most Cinderella stories have evil stepsisters as the villain, but the modern version of the Cinderella story doesn’t. However, it’s interesting to note how our insecurities have the ability to turn into our evil stepsisters.

When Michelle was in college, she worked every Friday to Sunday as a manicurist. As she was balancing work and school, she rarely had time for social life, and she used the money she earned to help her mother pay bills. While it was hard, she always looked forward to Fridays. Every Friday, Leon, her real life prince charming, would get his grandmother to the salon for her weekly manicure. As much Michelle wished him to notice her, she would always wear her mask because she wasn’t comfortable enough to reveal who she was.

And then on one such Friday evening, Michelle’s mother asked her to give Leon a free manicure. Perhaps she could understand her daughters’ feelings for him. Both of them were shy at first, but eventually they both agreed.
She was nervous talking to him for the first time, but the more they talked, the more comfortable she became. The ice was broken, and she was officially on cloud nine, and from that point on she just knew every Friday was going to be magical.

As the week went by, they knew each other more and more. Even though he never saw her face, he cared enough and that slowly helped her become more secure and open to him.

She felt incredible creating such a strong bond even without ever revealing herself to him. She wanted to believe that he was not just simply being nice, he was interested in her too.She even wanted to remove her mask, but she wasn’t ready, and she feared that everything would change.

The next day Leon invited her over to a party. She wanted to go, but there were too many other things that were holding her back. She wanted to reveal her face , but she was scared to do so. She couldn’t even afford a dress and helping her mom was her priority.

In the morning when Michelle was sitting upset in her room, her mother entered and gave her a huge surprise. Her mother took out a box and Michelle opened it to see the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. Her mother had sewed it for her previous night while she was asleep so that she could wear it for the big party.

Her mother managed to borrow a few things at the salon to help her get ready. Michelle was usually the one giving manicures to other people; but that evening, it was her turn to get pampered. That night was no less than a dream come true for her and especially her mother. Michelle’s mom knew how much time her daughter had put into work and school, and for one night, she simply wanted her to enjoy life. It was such a supreme feeling for Michelle to experience the magic of getting ready for such a grand evening.

They had a very embarrassing old car, and she didn’t want anyone to see her arrive in it. So, she asked her mom to drop her off a block away. She even planned to leave the party early, so that no one could see the car that dropped her.

When she entered the gate she felt like a princess in a castle. It was simply beautiful. She looked around, and daydreamed until she bumped into someone. She looked up only to see a very familiar face. Michelle and Leon stared at each other for a while and then he asked, “Have we ever met before?” with a confused look on his face.

“U-Um… I.,” she trailed off.

There she was all dressed up without the usual mask, but she still couldn’t reveal herself. She felt that they were from two different worlds; he was a prince, and she was a peasant.

She never felt so out of place. Just when she was about to leave the beautiful castle, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw Leon a few feet away. He looked like a stunning prince, and asked her to dance with him.

She put her hands on his shoulder, and he put his arms around her waist, and they began to dance slowly. It was so similar to the fairy tale Cinderella story, Michelle was Cinderella and Leon was her prince. The moment was mesmerizing.

They danced to a romantic track until the clock struck 12. She slowly got out of his grip and ran away with tears falling endlessly to the ground. Unable to understand what just happened he came running after her. But, she was found nowhere in the vicinity.

After getting back home, Michelle’s mother asked her the reason for being so sad. She told her everything. To that her mother said, “Some things cannot be seen, but are felt with heart. You need to open your heart to allow yourself to see the truth and that is when you begin to experience how beautiful life is. A life lived with love is a life lived, and you may start with loving yourself first!”

The next morning, while she was at work, she put her head down, with her mask on her face. Just then she heard a voice. She instantly recognized who it was, but before she could say anything to him, he said, “Last night was amazing. I met the most beautiful girl.” She replied saying, “That girl was me,” and she took of the mask. Leon replied, “I know, I didn’t need to see your face to know who you are.”

She smiled at him, and he caressed her cheek. They stared at each other with love in their eyes, and she dropped the mask on the floor.

Source: Michelle Phan

What a Fairy tale end to a story!

All those looking for that special  someone, remember that you don’t have to hide anywhere because behind a mask is a beautiful person and underneath that beautiful person is a beautiful heart. Do not let your insecurities drown you; rip and tear you apart. Let go off your insecurities and never let it hold you back. Go fly!

Have you ever guessed, what would you do if you were in such a situation?

Till then,

Keep smiling and spread some love!



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