Here Is How To Date A Beautiful Deaf Girl!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Hellen Keller

Relationships are often marred by the lack of communication between people. In this love story, we come across two unlikely people who find their own way of communicating despite the girl being prejudiced by deafness and hence lacked the confidence to speak.

Brandon, who finds himself alone, searches for his companion. He has looks of envy and sadness on his face seeing groups of friends talking to each other, couples making love and enjoying their university life. The classes seem uninteresting to him and time and again, he is disturbed by the prom leaflet he comes across his locker.

Despite the sad state of affairs, he makes an attempt to speak to a girl whom he criss- crosses between his classes. But to his utter dismay, he goes unnoticed.

Brendon finds himself with the same girl again when both of them are sitting on nearby benches. He tries twice to make a conversation but fails to etch a response each time. In anger, he accuses her of not listening to him. In this exchange, she notices him and gestures to him about being deaf. Brendon recalls the events with Emily and immediately pleads guilty. He apologizes to her, who introduces herself in writing, followed by Brendon.

This little moment is enough to bring smiles on their faces, and Brendon suddenly comes alive. He springs in each step, and the classes don’t seem boring to him anymore. One day they meet each other at the same spot and both get a notebook for their conversation with each other. Perhaps this marked the most beautiful thing that could happen to their lives.

Emily and Brendon start hanging around together, share jokes, draw caricatures, enjoy their moments with each other. Even though Brendon doesn’t speak to her with words, his eyes and smile speak a lot about how he feels about her. He asks Emily in his notebook if she ever tried speaking, to which Emily replies that people would laugh at her if she did. Even though Brendon assured Emily of never laughing at her, he could not get her to speak and felt sad about it.

The next day when Brandon goes to their usual spot to meet Emily and a surprise awaits him. He finds another guy next to her and instead of meeting her like every day, he goes back disappointed. Emily misses him during the day, and she expresses the same through her texts at the end of the day. Brendon forgets the happenings of the day. Thoughts of asking Emily out for prom cross his mind again. He practices gestures of how he would ask Emily for prom and the next day he carries flowers with him to meet her.

Brandon is again confronted by the same situation where he finds the new guy getting close to Emily and on seeing that, he is unable to control his tears. He flees away from there throwing away the flowers he got for her. Heartbroken and gutted he was, but he didn’t know the truth, the truth which he gets to know after he meets Emily between classes. Brendon crosses way with Emily once again and decides to walk away from her.

This brings a moment of surprise as Emily speaks for the first time to stop Brendon and tells him that she hates that guy whom he saw.Brendon suddenly realizes the confusion his heart was in and immediately asks Emily to prom using gestures. Emily is overwhelmed by the whole occasion and runs to Brendon to hug him and say yes.

Source: Cameron Covell

Brendon and Emily remind us that the most beautiful feelings in life are felt by the heart and despite all the conundrums that life throws upon us, love wins over all of them. Physical impairments can be of different types but love overscores above them all. We have loved and been loved by others around us. If you have felt this beautiful feeling as well, don’t hesitate to express and share as love multiplies only when we share it.

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