An Unlikely Animal Friendship!

“Sometimes the best relationships are formed by the most unlikely pair”- Kenneth G. Ortiz

Today I came across a special story of friendship and perseverance between Mr. G and the Jellybean that captivated the hearts of millions. A story of animal friendship between two different species thrown together by destiny, the astonishing bond they shared, surviving years of abuse only to be parted for being reunited forever.

Mr. G, a goat, lived for almost five years with a female burro named “Jellybean” almost neglected on the property of an elderly woman who barely could take care of herself. After they got rescued from the hoarder, ‘Animal Place’ an organization in California took in Mr. G. Another sanctuary agreed to take in Jellybean.

At first, the people in the organization couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Mr. G, the newest guest. He was healthy, but he was mired in deep depression and despair in the corner of a stall. He wouldn’t go outside and even refused to eat anything for six days. Once they figured out that Mr. G was grieving the loss of his lifelong companion, Jellybean, ‘Animal Place’ organized a reunion that brought tears to the lucky ones who witnessed it.

One of their volunteers offered to drive 14 hours road trip to bring the female friend, Jellybean, to their sanctuary. Upon Jellybean’s arrival, Mr. G could hear her being unloaded, and for the first time he perked up. Perhaps it seemed that Mr. G could barely believe that Jellybean was near him.

Right away, his behavior changed completely and within twenty minutes, he started eating again. Perhaps he got cheered up by having a friend.

Since then Mr. G has made new friends, Sweet P being his new favorite goat friend. Still he makes it a point to spend his time equally between Sweet P and Jellybean.

Source:- AnimalPlace

This unlikely animal friendship story is proof that animals have the ability to form friendships and feel the same emotions just like human beings do. It’s such a beautiful thing to see a lovable connection between two species, non-human and a human, or two non-humans, or two humans. It’s hard not to get moved when we see an individual animal in such an incredible grief simply because his pal is not there beside him anymore. The joy of Mr. G at reuniting with his female friend Jellybean is truly beautiful, inspiring and heart touching as humans.

Mr. G and Jellybean also have their Facebook page – is it going to their heads?!

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