Sometimes Friendship Is Magical Between Animals Also!

Animal friendships are always beautiful. It’s so enthralling to see love and care between animals, stitching unbreakable bonds with different species.

Friendship is magical when two people or two animals come together to create a perfect chemistry which they can enjoy for a long time and that’s exactly what happened between Bella and Bubbles.

Let me share a similar story. It is an adorable story of animal friendship that my friend Rihanna, who is also a pet lover, shared with me when I was on a trip with her to a jungle safari. This will prove that animals are capable of love and compassion just like we do They are not just dumb beasts but have emotions for each other.

Just like Tarra and Bella, Bella and Bubbles, too have an unusual friendship, which is beyond beautiful. Bella is the good old- fashioned black Labrador and Bubbles a 9,000-pound African elephant. Regardless of the extreme differences in size, Bubbles and Bella had formed a strong bond.

The friendship between them wasn’t instantaneous, but was a gradual one over a period of five years, which required constant supervision between a dog and an elephant. Perhaps like any real relationship, even theirs took time, effort and commitment.

After Bubbles got rescued from the ivory poachers in Africa, she was brought to a safari reserve and since then she had been a much-loved dweller at the reserve. Bella was left there at the reserve by a contractor who was hired to build a swimming pool for Bubbles. The park adopted her too.

Bubbles and Bella both bonded over the fact that they both loved water. One day Tony, a constant companion of Bella, took her down to the river when she was only seven months old. Bella jumped right into the water just like all labs would do, but she was a bit weary of the elephant at first, since Tony was there around her, she gradually got comfortable. It was a slowly built friendship from that moment onwards.

Long walks, throwing balls for the dog to fetch, swimming to retrieve the ball, and climbing all over Bubbles are some of the games they loved playing together. But, Bella’s favorite game was when she used Bubbles as a diving board and jumped from her back!

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A bond so strong that will even make humans envy them. Unlike humans, these two don’t let their differences divide them. Instead, they celebrate the things they share in common and put aside what makes them different. This is one of the most heartening animal friendships ever committed to film that I have seen and heard in a long time. I bet it will make you smile just like it got on my face. This is why I say Friendship is magical and I thank my friend from the bottom of my heart for sharing such a masterpiece with me.

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