How To Reconnect With Your Lost Love?

Have you ever wondered how odd it would be to call your ex and say “hello,” “let’s talk” or “I miss you”? Calling your ex can be nerve-racking, overwhelming and troublesome, all at the same time.

Today we came across one such emotional and sentimental new short film “Still” of two ex-lovers, Anne and Steven, who try to reconnect during a distressing late-night phone call that ends with an agonizing twist.

Anne is restless. She lies in bed playing with her fingers and contemplates whether or not she should reach out to her ex. Steven, her ex, is sound asleep in his house at that very moment.

After a few seconds of contemplation, Anne finally decides to call him and reaches for her cell phone to dial Steven’s number.

Steven wakes up at the sound of his phone ringing. On picking up his phone, he looks at the caller id on the screen and is a bit confused. He starts to think whether or not he should answer her call. Eventually picking up he says ‘Hello,’ to which Anne responds, ‘Hello Steven.’

The resonance of their sounds is so sudden after so many years that both of them lay in silence for five seconds. Anne, like any person who calls her ex out of the blue, would do, starts with a mundane small talk and tells him what inspired her to call. In a voice full of longing Anne says, ‘I was planning a camping trip today with some friends, and I couldn’t help but think of ours.’ She adds, ‘Do you remember?’

There is nostalgia in the air as moments are shared between the two. The two laugh as they recall a disastrous camping trip they took together. Steven jokes and teases her, and after a while they are quiet and silence prevails. Anne starts the conversation back and jokes about Steven not being able to change a flat tire during the camping trip. Then she abruptly says that she has to go and hangs up.

Filmmaker, Dan Woodliff, succeeds in portraying a moment of nostalgia between the ex- lovers. He also succeeds in exploring the agony and gawkiness of reconnecting with a lost love. It leaves the audience to think about what could happen to the former couple in the future. Well written and beautifully directed, the film takes the audience on the roller coaster ride of feelings and emotions. The uncomfortable quietness that is featured takes on a whole new meaning.

What in the world would happen if Anne and Steven could continue their relationship? Why did Anne suddenly end her call? Are we at our wits when something like this happens? Has this ever happened to us? Questions like these pop up in our minds when we hear such stories. It makes us feel that something like this should not happen to us and even if it does we should be able to continue beyond a platonic one.

Love is a very beautiful yet complex emotion that is difficult to define. It is a feeling that we have no control over.

If we loved someone in the past, then we always will love them in some way forever. Even though when things do not work out between the two, there will always be some soft spot for our ex, as inert do not get killed.

Would you ever reconnect with your lost love?

We look forward to your comments below!

Till then, keep breathing spread some cheer, and think about stuff that you can keep embracing.


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