The Secret To Long Lasting Love!

Romeo and Juliet is an example being cited every time by everybody. These people believe that their love story is the perfect love one. It can be perfect, but it doesn’t last. Relationships that age doesn’t defy, last from early childhood days till they age and become grandparents. This is what we call a long lasting love life.

When love ridden couples age, they forgive mistakes and support one another unconditionally throughout their lives.

Tom Clark aged 96 years and his wife Arnisteen Clark, 92 years are the perfect example of a long lasting love relationship. They have been married for nearly seven decades now and through those years the only time they were apart from one another was when Tom served in the Army and was stationed in Korea.

Even at that old age when they got admitted to hospital for orthopedic treatment and found that they could not share their rooms. The hospital bent their rule for these love birds with some special permission and after someone told, “For heaven’s sake, put them in a room together,” Tom was allowed to visit his sweetheart every day for few hours.

The gesture meant a lot to Tom. When he saw her, he burst into tears and said, ‘I just can’t be away from her. She’s the finest woman in the world.’

Their story made me smile, made me believe that true love did exist and made me say that there is nothing more beautiful in this world than the love that old couples share with each other.

For a couple that got separated only once till the time they visited the hospital this time, it was more than enough. They couldn’t bear this separation. A love so strong that these two different bodies couldn’t leave each other even during their illness at this age.

Whoops! Such a long time together and a bond so strong. Three cheers to Tom and Arnisteen for making such a brilliant love story. It definitely shows that age is never a barrier for an everlasting love. We can all do the same.

Moving together hand in hand, celebrating birthday/ anniversary together, communicating everything to each other, overcoming hurdles, just like what Tom and Arnisteen did in their lives, will help you strengthen your love and make it live longer.

Wouldn’t you like to have one such long lasting love life?

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