Is Trust And Understanding The Bane Of Love?

Love Is The Absence Of Judgement – Dalai Lama

We are often prejudiced by feelings for a particular person/ kind of people. These feelings arise out of our consciousness getting us attracted towards them. Love is devoid of all these because love looks beyond all this and bases the relationship on trust and understanding, which is built over time.

Humans often judge other people around them with their appearance, without looking into their heart and understanding that person. Does this make us humans heartless like animals? Perhaps we are not comparable to animals because animals don’t have any pre-conceived notion of any living being. Treating everyone with the same amount of love and respect, including us humans, makes them stand out.

We judge each other because of our superiorities/ inferiorities. Love looks beyond all this. This love doesn’t have to be proven to anyone or shown to anyone. It just has to be within us because where there is love, there is understanding, and there is no place for judgement.

We are constantly trying to find love from people around us. But the meaning of love has changed. We have become so choosy and picky when we decide who we want to be seen around with. It’s like the ego which is more important to us than the emotions. This way of finding love has led our generation to so many heartbreaks and breakups.

How to overcome this? Well, it’s much simpler than we think. Just imagine a blind man coming into this world devoid of all the pleasures a normal human being has. Despite this, he has so much of love for the world and the people around him. If he has to cross the road, he is not judgemental about the person he chooses. He treats them all equally and more importantly trusts them. In this life, we all have to be that blind man.

We need to develop a relationship of love based on trust and understanding and not be overly judgemental because even if our hearts are broken, it will teach us how to love and set us up for something better. Sometimes falling in love and making mistakes can be better than closing our doors to it because just like prayer, love should be a constant practice. It keeps our soul clean and keeps us happy all the time.

So don’t judge and spread some love!



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