10 Reasons Why Being In Love Is The Best Feeling!

Some things are just beyond our control – One being our fragile heart and the very passionate feelings it brings with it. It loses itself to its near and dear ones, and out of all of them there is always one who is closest and dearest to us. This person is the person we love.

This loved person comes into our life we realize why it never worked with anyone else. This person also brings beautiful feelings in our lives which no one else has ever done- THE FEELING OF LOVE!

There is nothing like two hearts and two souls coming together as one, sharing the same happiness. Here are 10 reasons why being in love is the best feeling in the world.

  • Love makes you CHEERFUL AND CONTENT
  • Love makes you ROMANTIC
  • Love makes you RICH
  • Love makes you FEEL INVINCIBLE
  • Love makes you SELFLESS AND GENEROUS
  • Love makes you BELIEVE
  • Love makes you ERADICATE YOUR FEAR
  • Love makes you CONFUSED

Do you feel the same? Give us your views….


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Being In Love Is The Best Feeling!

  1. Yes being in Love is a wonderful Experience.
    I was very much in Love with a female Security Guard at a Condo Complex-
    Where, I lived at the Beach here in Florida. She was very attractive. Her name-
    Was Cindy W. We had a wonderful time together. Till today, I still think of-
    Her. And always will. You never forget your first Love.

    1. Being in Love is a wonderful experience, you’re on cloud nine.
      Being a male in love with a female is a wonderful experience-
      It’s something you never for get. I still think about Cindy and me together.
      Always will . She’ll always be my first love.

  2. Being in Love is one of the most wonderful feelings between a male and a-
    Female. Being a male in Love with a female is wonderful. I’ve been in Love-
    Twice. Once when, I was a young boy in my early teen’s it was wonderful –
    Feeling. That was in 1964. I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. I met this beautiful-
    Girl she was 13. She lived down the street from me. We had a wonderful time –
    Together. After she moved, I started seeing other girls in the neighborhood.
    In 1986, I met Cindy. She was a Security Guard where, I lived at the Beach.
    She was very attractive. I fell in Love with her right away. After, I moved,-
    I never saw her again. I’m still in Love with her. And alway’s will.

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