What Is Love?

A few years ago, my friend, Rihanna, asked me, “So, what is love?”

I couldn’t believe the question that once seemed so simple to me could turn out to be so difficult to answer.

For a while, I was speechless and then made a few attempts, but didn’t know how to answer that until yesterday.

While I was returning home from work, I came across the story of a beautiful couple- Bill and Glad. Their story made me realize what love is and helped me to restore my faith in love and marriages.

Bill first saw Glad when she was only eight years old and became best friends with her brother.

The two grew up together, and as they grew up, Glad was always there for Bill and even stared at him while he played footy with her brother and when he went to ride his bikes.

It was love at sight for her, but sadly not for him.

Bill wasn’t interested initially but feelings of love started getting aroused a little later when she was sixteen and he seventeen. One night when she was all dolled up and wore an A-line dress, that very moment he realized that she was the one for him.

When they first started dating, he had a bike that he used to ride from his place to hers and then together from there everywhere. After marriage even Glad had a bike, and they put a baby chair in front of hers and carried their children all around. Thus, bikes became a special part of their lives.

It was in 2004- 2005 Bill noticed that there were things going wrong with Glad. Glad finally was diagnosed with the horrible disease of Alzheimer’s.

That truly was a test of love for them. From the moment she got up, Bill, cleaned her teeth, made her shower, dressed her up, and till the moment she went to bed, he did everything for her.

He was determined to take care of her every need and having lived oversees he knew that a bike could help in a lot of things. So he got a bike chair made especially for her. They rode alongside the beach together on this.

Taking care of her wasn’t a burden for him at all. Rather, he treated this as a great privilege for a person whom he had loved all these years. Over the years glad had done so much for Bill and it was his turn to return the love and he did return it graciously.

He believed that God had loved them so unconditionally and had got them together in this world and he had to do as much as possible to bring God’s love closer to his wife.

Source:- Why God?

Now this is love!

Bill and Glad are truly an example true love, two souls and one life.

Love is a connection between two hearts, and two souls, just the way it connected his with hers.

More than ever the vows they made years ago had been tested. In sickness and health, in good times and in bad, the promise they kept are truly an example of what love is.

Love is when you want to be together with tears, pain, laughter, sorrow, and happiness. It is also being there for one another and loving each other selflessly and unconditionally.

Love is overcoming obstacles, facing difficulties yet holding on and never letting go, just like Bill & Glad did.

For all newlyweds, do place your marriage in God’s hands; for better or worse, in sickness and in health.

For those who have been married too long remember that you are in God’s grace.

Till then,

Spread some love and cheer, be happy and think about someone else’s happiness.


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