Hug A Bear To Solve The Biggest Problems Of Your Life!

Hug a day

There are times when we want to get closer to someone, give or receive a hug and sometimes it is so, that we just want it so very badly. These are times when we feel for a longing to get closer to someone. Then we realize no one is willing to come closer and give a hug and we continue to keep staring in the maze not knowing where to go and how to get one.

Here’s a lonely person who encounters such a situation. He is one who is not loved and decides to disguise himself to get loved and hugged by people. Dressed as a huge cuddly Teddy Bear, he stands on the crossroads of the streets, waiting for passersby to give him a bear hug. Children, young and old all watch him, click his photographs and pass him without giving him a single hug. Now what follows is a crescendo. Everyone, who passes him after this, gives him a hug. Children, young and old who just walked past him, now go forward and give a huge hug. There is no differentiation between people and animals here; there is no differentiation between black and white; no differentiation between religions or races. The bear would hug anyone that comes his way.

When he takes off his mask, he is unable to understand why anyone would hug a bear and not him.

Here, love is between a person who is hiding behind a disguise and everyone else who does not know him but just passes him. Why didn’t people hug him before?

But do we need to disguise ourselves to get closer to people and get loved? Do we need to hide our handicaps to get loved? These are questions which needs introspection.

A story which will make you cry if you feel that there is a need to get loved and love is the single factor which can make you survive. It binds one with every other object or thing whether real or fabricated.

Humans by themselves are so judgmental that they want to find a reason to act on everything. Love requires no reasons and it forms the backbone to the solution of any problem. Love creates smiles and smiles create the right path to move forward.

Every time I watch this I cry like a little baby. This story is so beautiful. If only people did this more than fighting each other we would have a better world.

On Hug Week, let’s pledge to give a hug to everyone that comes our way. It will surely pave the way for a much sweeter and brighter tomorrow.

So till next time, take care, give hugs and spread love.

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