This Is What A Bear Hug Could Do To You!

Ever hugged a real life bear? Watching the soft flying and bouncing furs, I guess we all want to.

Bears are cute, cuddly animals. The warm soft furry body, the open arms always welcoming us, makes us feel special and connected to them. They are loved by young and old, and their furry and bulky bodies could entice anyone to hug them.

Here is one such fascinating story of a man and his inseparable cute bear friend. Casey Anderson, a naturalist, adopted Brutus, an 800- pound grizzly bear, and became inseparable from the day Brutus was a two weeks old cub.

Sadly, Brutus was born in imprisonment at an overpopulated bear reserve. The day Anderson saw him, he felt connected and decided to adopt the bear. He brought him home to his personal wildlife sanctuary, The Montana Wildlife Grizzly Encounter Wildlife Sanctuary. There Brutus had the freedom to swim and roll around the field.

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Brutus plays around with Anderson and they jump on each other and Anderson even gets a ride over Brutus’s back.

Anderson caresses Brutus, holds his hand, feels him which gives Brutus a pampered feeling. Both of them feel the same emotions of sadness and happiness when together. For all this Anderson keeps on getting Brutus’s big bear hug.

The connection goes even beyond just taking care of Brutus. On his birthday, he gets to come in his house, open presents and even eat a cake while also getting a bear hug.

Over the years, Brutus has become a big and important family member of Anderson and both of them go out for walks in the woods together. The bond is so strong that Anderson actually chose him as his best man in his wedding.

Wow! A bond so strong, beautiful and inseparable that when you see this, you want to be part of the same togetherness.

Source: ducadelaide

Brutus, the bear, still lives with Casey in Montana and their bear-man bromance is still going strong.

Sadly, it’s not always possible to find such a friend and hug them anytime we want to. To recreate that feeling, bears have been created as virtual characters for us in the form of soft toys which we call Teddy Bears. This gives us a sense of belonging. This belonging makes us feel that we are close to a loved one and gives us a feeling that we are being cared for.

On this Hug a Bear Day, pamper and hug that little teddy bear so tightly that you can be be filled with the reminiscence of nostalgia as though you were with your loved one.

Or, just cuddle up with your loved ones who remind you of a bear and bear hug them.

Till then,

Spread some cheer and love.

Beary hug to you


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