10 Step Magic Formula To Make Any Girl Fall For You!

Falling in love is an universal desire and a beautiful emotion too. The four-letter word-LOVE- is all around us, but has never been so easy. Many boys still find it so difficult to get a girl for them and did you know any girl who doesn’t want to fall in love?

Here is a simple 10-step magic formula, you can use to up your chances of making that special girl swoon by you or make any girl fall for you.

1. Don’t rush it.Always take your time, play it cool and safe. Do not make your intentions too clear to the girl you love, and don’t be overeager to pour out your feelings to her.

2. Compliment Her: Girls put a lot of effort into looking nice. Make her happy by offering a flattering remark on her. Make sure you give her the right amount of compliments, and not overdo it

3. Focus all eyes on her: Remember to focus on her with interest and attention. Look into her eyes while talking to her.

4. Listen; be all ears: Girls like to vent out their problems. Offer you ears and help your girl by providing a solution to her problems.

Send a beautiful card to your special one.

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Wish You Were Here!poem3love stories_ logo 2

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5. Surprise her: Girls love to get surprises. Bring or send her flowers for silly reasons or for no reason at all. This will surely make her feel wonderful and appreciated.

6. Drop a message: Whether it’s your first date or the 20th , drop a message telling her how much you enjoyed your time with her and how you can’t wait to see her again.

7. Remember that chivalry is not dead: No matter what, chivalry is not dead and is something that never goes out of fashion — here are 5 everyday gestures that will make your girl melt as they are little ways of showing you care.

  • Open the doors.
  • Pull the chair and wait for her to be seated.
  • Save the last bite of food.
  • Spend time with her family.
  • Walk on the outside of the sidewalk.

8. Be passionate about something: For all the men out there, go and find out what you are most enthusiastic about, because for girls being passionate about something is a very crucial element.

9. Treat other people well: Remember to treat all people with respect, as you would like to be treated especially in front of her.

10. Be yourself: Most importantly, be yourself and respect the girl for who she is.

Boys next time, if you are interested in a girl, but finding it difficult to want her to love you back, follow these simple tricks and win her over. Well, you should try to implement this 10 step magic formula to make any girl fall for you, if you still not done yet.

Till then, keep spreading love!




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