Create A Time Bridge With Unconditional Love!

They say no time is too long, and no distance too far when two hearts love each other unconditionally. A time bridge can be created even if there is separation between two people or animals for a long time. What better than the heart touching story of two elephants, Shirley and Jenny, to show that time is no reason for not showing unconditional love.

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After being separated for over 20 years, 52 years old Shirley and 30 years old Jenny were reunited at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The bonding between the two former circus elephants was immediate, intense and an unforgettable one.

When Shirley was in her twenties and Jenny was just a calf, the two of them, performed together at various locations at Carson and Barnes Circus across Texas. Unfortunately, Shirley and Jenny couldn’t be together for too long. Shirley was attacked by an elephant and her leg could never be the same. As Shirley could not any longer perform at the circus, she was retired.

Source: Wondah31

Louisiana Purchase Zoo stepped forward and offered to take her in. It was a small zoo with room for only one animal. Since then she hasn’t seen any of her kind and missed her old friend Jenny.

But an amazing thing happened sometime later and Shirley was sent back to the circus, much to her amusement. The old story unfolded once again.

Shirley and Jenny could be seen locking trunks, hugging and playing with each other. During their reunion, the elephants could even be seen touching, nestling and exploring each other and just seconds later, the pair could be heard roaring loudly. Perhaps the emotions they were expressing through touch were not enough.

Former director of The Elephant Sanctuary, Carol Buckley, described the moment the elephants were reunited as ‘dramatic’.

Following their reunion, the elephants spent the day together, moving side by side and are always there for each other through thick and thin. The unconditional love shown between them just demonstrates how we too can benefit from this emotional feeling.

Source: EVOLVE Campaigns

This drives us to understand a common natural phenomenon that, just like humans, elephants can have friends too. They form lasting bonds with their peers, and even renew these bonds after being apart for a really long time.

But very rarely do we get to see them displaying this kind of emotion in captivity and it’s probably the first time such a thing has even been documented on film.

Humans need to learn from these animals who demonstrate unconditional love without any discrimination. We talk about love, peace and equality but yet people are still suffering from inequality, violence and hatred. Let us all come together, stick with our friends through thick and thin and spread love and peace all around.

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