A Christmas Wish From Beyond The Grave!

Sometimes a letter from beyond the grave can stir up so much emotions that it can turn the world towards you. Don’t you think so?

“About a week and a half ago we got [her] letter in the mail. We’ve been doing the Christmas Wish program for 20-plus years. We’ve never received a wish like this, ever’, the station brand manager, Scott Allen told the Des Moines Register.

For over 20 years, Des Moines radio station, KSTZ “Star” 102.5 FM has been running a ‘Christmas Wish’ program that fulfills wishes of people from across the world. Nothing in the world could have prepared them for Brenda Smitz’s request. When the station received her letter with her wish in it, everyone in the room broke down.

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Brenda Schmitz, the wife and mom of four boys, Carter, Josh, Justin, and Max, lost her battle to ovarian cancer, at the age of 46, but wrote a secret letter to be read once her husband had moved on in his life. David Schmitz gets invited to a local radio station to hear his deceased wife’s final Christmas wish.

Brenda had a wish for all- David, the boys, and the woman. Brenda’s first wish was a day of pampering for David’s new love. “She deserves it, being a stepmother to all of those boys,” Brenda wrote. Brenda also wrote a letter to Jane, David’s new love.

For the family, Brenda wished for a magical trip somewhere they all could enjoy their company and companionship as a family and create memories that they could cherish forever. Finally, Brenda wanted the doctors and the nurses at the Mercy Medical, where she was treated, to have a night out full of food, drinks, and laughter and fun.

David knew Brenda was always looking upon him. Brenda and her son’s favorite song was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”, and on the day she died there was a double rainbow.

All that Brenda wished for was granted by the radio station and local sponsors. They even sent the entire family on a trip to Disney World.

Her letter is an inspiration to all. Brenda truly was a pure soul who fought hard until the very end and always kept her family in her thoughts. Never before have had I heard of such generosity and wisdom. It definitely must have taken her so much strength to be able to write such a letter to them, knowing that she would die, and her family would eventually move on.

Watch the station’s incredible video of David hearing his wife’s letters for the first time. The footage was taken at the station when David was first told about the letter. When you see how David reacts to receiving Brenda’s letter, I bet your heart will break into a million pieces.

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Here is the heart-breaking letter with her Christmas wish.

christmas letterWhat do you think?

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Till then breathe and Spread some Christmas wish among all those who have been unfortunate to have contracted Cancer and who knows your love could save them.


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