Could Valentine’s Day Fever Capture Marta’s Senses?

A long day of hardships and a few drinks to forget it all! It was a usual day for Jim.

Jim was not an amicable person, but had a kind heart. Coming across as a direct person, he could have been taken as a rude person but only a few understood him. Perhaps that was one of the reasons he was seen alone in the pub while rest of his colleagues were either seen celebrating with their friends having a casual drink during the evenings. He needed to kill his loneliness and that was the reason he was there.

Jim was a regular at “The Dark Horse”, and perhaps that’s why everyone who worked there knew him and did not disturb him. His usual pub evening would be without any disturbance and his usual drink accompanied him here.

That very evening, a new lady had joined the pub and was unaware of Jim’s behaviour. As usual, Jim entered the pub on 13th of February evening, where the pub donned the theme of love as Valentine’s Day was around the corner. Marta greeted Jim with a smile and welcomed him to the pub. Jim was surprised to see the hospitality and as he headed to his usual table, Marta showed her assistance by guiding Jim to the nearest available table. She told Jim that all the tables were full due to the pre-valentine evening and so she could only offer him the table on her left.

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Jim always sat on the same table and would wait even if he had to, until he got his seat. As soon as the manager of the pub noticed Marta taking Jim to another table, he intercepted and asked Marta to take care of the bar instead. But before the manager said anything to Jim, he mumbled, I will sit there (pointing to the seat where Marta was earlier taking him). Jim had been coming to the pub for the last 3 years and never had had to change a seat, until this evening and to the utter surprise of the manager he requested Marta to get him a drink. Not knowing Jim’s usual drink, she asked him what he would like to be served. As the manager tried to interrupt her again, Jim was quick to reply to her – “Whatever you may please, kind lady. Thank you.” The manager was taken aback as Jim took his seat. He immediately instructed Marta to take care of Jim as he was regular and important customer of the pub.

The change in Jim’s behaviour took everyone at the bar by surprise and as Marta went to the bar to request a drink for Jim, the bartender informed her about Jim’s behaviour, his regular drink and how he was always on his own. But Marta requested the bartender to give a drink which she thought was suitable for Jim, that evening. Taking the drink to Jim, she served him in the most eloquent manner.

Jim, who was already in awe of the lady, thanked her for the drink and lauded her for the choice of the drink. As Marta waited for some feedback, Jim asked her if she would come back again when he needed another drink. She readily agreed and left with a smile to take care of other customers. As Marta went to collect the drinks for the other customers, she was again reminded of Jim’s behaviour, citing incidences of the past. However, Marta’s conscience didn’t allow her to accept Jim as a person with an indifferent attitude.

After her shift ended, she found Jim waiting outside the pub. Inquisitive to find out more about Jim, she approached him and told him about what people at the pub thought of him. Jim, almost like a recluse, broke his silence and started narrating his life story and how he had been alone all his life. After understanding Jim’s life, Marta was teary and asked Jim, what made him pour his heart out to her? Jim avoided her question and requested to walk her home to which Marta readily agreed.

Jim and Marta spoke like they knew each other for years. There was a spark between the two that connected the two souls. At 11.59 p.m. Jim dropped Marta at her doorstep and answered Marta’s question by saying “Love” as the clock struck 12.00. Marta was taken aback and did not expect the turn of events to be like that. Even though she liked Jim’s company till now, this came as a bolt from the blue. Jim told her “I know it comes as a surprise, I know it doesn’t sound right but it wasn’t love at first sight. As we spoke this evening, I realised what was missing in my life and sometimes it is not about the time we spend together, but about how the other person makes you feel. I have not felt like this in the last 3 years and perhaps never will. You may go past that door, ignoring what I said. I don’t ask you for love, I ask you for a chance, a chance to fall in love with me, maybe? I know how people think about me but somewhere inside me I knew you would be willing to ignore all of that. I will be waiting for you at the love boat restaurant at 7 p.m. tomorrow.”

Marta was in a shock as she entered her home, thinking about how love had knocked her doors at the start of Valentine’s Day. The entire night she thought about the events that had taken place and perhaps how all this was God’s way of getting love in her life on this auspicious day.

The very next day, Marta and Jim were seen dining at the restaurant. She decided to go on this date not because she had started loving him but because she thought she would never find love, if she didn’t give this opportunity a chance. If destiny did prevail, this could bring real love in her life.

That Valentine’s Day marked first of their many dates and Jim and Marta found true love in each other.

Perhaps, we all need to give love a chance like they both did. Love doesn’t only happen after spending a lot of time together, it might beckon if someone makes us feel the way we never have – The Unusual Way.

This Valentine’ Day, give yourself a chance like Jim and Marta did. You just might find love in imperfections and almost the most unusual ways.

Let love beckon you.

Till then, spread some love and cheer!


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