Some Romantic Messages On Valentine’s Day For Him!

How lovely it is to see roses being sent from a secret admirer, gifts being exchanged between lovers and couples enjoying romantic candlelit dinners!!

Love is the most wonderful of all feelings in the world and there could be no better day than Valentine’s Day to express your emotions to that special person in your life.

Yes, the most anticipated day of love, hearts and romance is just around the corner.

Valentine’s Day is an extremely special day for girls especially as they always want to see that special person in a happy mood. To make them happy they try different ways and one of them being sending out special valentine wishes.

A sweet Valentine’s Day message is more breathtaking than all the gifts of the world combined. It is the best way to express your emotions and sentiments to that special person you care about and also help in creating an everlasting effect in his mind.

Go ahead and share these heartfelt Valentine’s Day messages to your valentine and make him fall in love with you all over again.

1. Your Loving And Caring Ways!

My heart and home are happy…

Because of YOU

I love you for all the loving and caring ways!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Send this heartfelt ecard to your husband/ beloved to say that how much happy you are with him!

2. Valentine For Him!

You came into my life…

And changed it forever.

For you showed me the meaning…

The meaning of truly loving and caring for someone.

You make me feel special in all that you do

And all that you say.

I will always love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


A special Valentine’s Day message for your love!

3. Show Him Your Love!

Want to let you know

On Valentine’s Day…


Words can never express

How much I love you

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


A beautiful I love you Valentine’s Day message!

4. Wish Him On Valentine’s Day!

Now, I am damn sure

I am in love with you!

Because all I do is think about you 24/7!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


A cute ecard for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day!

5. Valentine’s Day Wishes For My Love!

My life was an empty canvas

You filled it with colors

Some from the rainbow

And some from the butterflies

Making it a canvas so precious,

So wanted, so blessed and so alive

Thanks for coming into my life

I love you Sweetheart

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Valentine’s Day message for your sweetheart!

6. Love You More Than Words Can!

Sending you a lover’s rose

On Valentine’s Day

White: I will always be there for you.

Yellow: You are my soul mate and best friend too.

Red: I love you more than words can say.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Say it to your man with this lovely floral wish!

7. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are on my “to-do” list tonight, sweetheart!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Wish your sweetheart a special day through this ecard on Valentine’s Day!

8. Sweetheart Hugs!

Ever time you hug me


I lose myself

In the warmth of your arms…

Here is a cozy hug for you

To say…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Valentine’s Day hugs for someone special!

9. You Are On My Mind Always!

Even though

We don’t get to be with each other

As much as we’d like…

I wanted to let you know

In the morning… in the night…

You are on my mind… 24/7!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Send this wonderful thought to the man of your dreams to say that you think of you!

10. Valentine Kiss!

A kiss to say…

I love you more and more

With every passing day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Kisses for your love on Valentine’s Day!

Till then, spread some love, love and more love!


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