International Women’s Day Relation To Chocolate Chip Cookie!

A woman is the epitome of love, care, sacrifice, and ability to nurture life. In honor of International Women’s Day, let us all take a look at several interesting facts and statistics about the changes and developments that have impacted women in the workforce.

Cristina is a successful business consultant; she is also a doting parent of two daughters.. In her spare time, Cristina blogs about being a working mother. She is our typical do- it- all modern woman.

Her mornings would look a little different as she would have to drink Gritty coffee, but luckily Melitta Bentz in 1908 invented the coffee filter.


She would have to take a cold shower, but fortunately, Ida Forbes in 1917 invented the water heater. Her twins would have o go to the school without their snack of choice, but luckily, Ruth Wakefield in 1937 invented the chocolate chip cookie and they would drive through a storm with poor visibility, but fortunately, Mary Anderson in 1903 invented windshield wipers.

Cristina would even worry about the safety of her family, but gratefully Stephanie Kwolek in 1966 invented Kevlar.

Such incredible achievements by brilliant working women, enjoyed by Cristina and the rest of us! Isn’t it???

In recognition of International Women’s Day, take the opportunity to say THANK YOU!

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Celebrating Womanhood!love stories_ logo 2

In the past many women like Cristina would not have had the same opportunities in education, politics, career choice or being a working mother.

But pioneering women: Susan R. Anthony, Emmeline Pankhurst, and Henrietta Augusta Dugdale; began a worldwide movement to achieve equal rights. Leaders such as Gloria Steinem and Shirin Ebadi continue their work today.

In the 1840s, women were denied access to Harvard Medical School. Now several recent classes have graduated more women than men. And, in the 1850s about half of UK working women were domestic servants. Men held most of the high status jobs. Now, there are female doctors, lawyers, and architects than men in those careers.

In Latin America and Caribbean, only 32% of women were active in the workforce 20 years ago. Now, 53 % of women are part of their workforce. So is the case in India.

In 1960s, Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka became the world’s first female elected head of state. Many women have followed her lead. Today, there are 29 female world leaders in power. In 1972, men owned 96% of the businesses in the U.S. Today, one in three businesses in the Unites States is owned by a woman.

Yes!! Cristina and her counterparts have accomplished more than they might ever have dreamed of. As women lead the way in today’s workforce…

The question is how will we…

Recruit the next generation of business leaders?

Hire the next generation of business leaders?

Schedule the next generation of business leaders?

Analyze the next generation of business leaders?

Compensate the next generation of business leaders?

Engage the next generation of business leaders?

What is possible for the next generation of workforce management? Female? Male? Today? Tomorrow?

Let us all try to make a difference, think globally, act locally and make every day an International Women’s Day. Do your bit to ensure that the future for girls is bright, safe, equal, and rewarding.

Here is sending out love to all you fabulous women.

Till then, stay awesome!

(Source: Kronos Incorporated)


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