How To Propose?

If you want to get married there must be a proposal. Tradition is that the guy asks the girl. And there are many schemes to make this happen. And it’s not clear which is the best way. This article will provide you with tips on how to do this with grace and less stress.


Before you ask you should prepare. This was my mistake. I didn’t prepare at all. I’m still amazed my wife said yes. This preparation doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple romantic dinner. Or while alone at home. Or in front of many friends are all great ideas. But you should figure out beforehand what you want to say. You need to decide if you will have a ring. And if you want someone available to capture it on film. If you want to have a ring then you should shop before.

Shop With Her For The Ring:

The engagement ring is an important part of the proposal. If you want to have a ring for her when you propose then shop before. You should shop with her. You need to get her ring size. You need to find out what types of rings she likes. For example does she like a prong or a bezel? Does she want the largest karat possible or will she prefer smaller diamonds? Does she even want a diamond? You can then talk with her if she wants to pick out the ring or if she wants to be surprised. Once you have prepared and got the ring it is time to do the ask.

Don’t Ask On Kiss Cam:

If there is a worse way to ask a girl to marry you on the kiss cam at a sporting event I don’t know what it is. If it is going to be a complete surprise you need to make sure you do this in a simple situation. With just the two of you. It could be at home. Or on a dinner date. I would not ask in front of a group of people unless I knew 10000% she would say yes. Otherwise, it could be embarrassing to her and, of course, you. This wouldn’t be fun or fair to either party. Yet if you know she’s going to say yes and you have a group of shared close friends then arrange a field trip.

How To Perform A Public Proposal:

If you know she’s going to say yes then you can do a public proposal. You can know she’s going to say yes by asking her before. Or at least, have had the conversation where she has confirmed her wish to be wedded, to you. Then you can work with your friends to do a public proposal. The favorite one for me is my friend FG. He had been dating his college sweetheart. They had their college friends. Knowing she would say yes he conspired with her girlfriends to make it happen. He also had the benefit of being in the journalism school. So had access to an affordable photographer. They then did a picnic with their friends. Where he popped the question in a planned spot. So they have photographs of the successful proposal.

Getting married requires a wedding proposal. This can be stressful. But you can reduce the stress by preparing. Then shopping for the ring together. Then asking in the proper setting.

I hope this article helps you give the best proposal ever.

~ Mark Wilcox


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