Top 10 Easter Greetings And Messages For You To Share With Your Loved Ones!

Easter is here.

Easter is an annual Christian festival in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This wonderful occasion fills us with hope, joy and love.

A great time for renewal of spirit, rekindling of faith and rejoicing with family and loved ones Easter is also a time to renew our connections – with family and friends we care about, and wish loved ones a very Happy Easter! Why not pick up a few greetings to let the special people know you’re thinking about them?

Take a sneak peak at the top 10 Easter greetings and messages for you to share with your loved ones.


  1. Lord’s Blessings On Easter!

May the season of rebirth and joy brighten up your day

May the blessings of the Lord grace you with joy, happiness and peace

Sending you a basket full of warm wishes for a bright and happy Easter!


Send this card to your family and friends wishing them peace, joy and love on Easter!

2. Basket Full Of Wishes On Easter!

May the glow of the Easter sun brighten up your day

& fill your day with sunshine!

You’re your Easter basket be filled with …

Peace, love, joy and happiness.

Happy Easter!


Send this magical Easter greetings to your friends and family!

3. Joy And Love On Easter!

He makes all things new again.

May new things come your way

This Easter season.

May you be blessed with

Good health, love,

Joy and prosperity

This Easter and always!

Happy Easter!


Share Easter wishes of joy and love with your loved ones to make their Easter!

4. Special Easter Candle Wishes!

Hope your Easter is as bright as your smile,

And as warm as your heart.

Happy Easter!


Warm wishes for a wonderful Easter!

5. Blessed And Happy Easter!

He has risen.

Have faith in Him…

And He will always be there for you!

Have a blessed and happy Easter!


Wish your loved ones a blessed and happy Easter with this ecard!

6. Easter Teddy Hugs!

Sending you

My warmest hugs.

Hope your Easter is warm and wonderful.

Happy Easter!


Hugs for a wonderful Easter!

7. Easter Wishes & Blessings

Christ is Risen

May the miracle of Easter

Bring you and yours

Renewed hope, love and blessings of the Lord!

May your Easter basket be full of everlastin

Joy, Happiness and Peace

Today and always

Happy Easter!


A beautiful ecard to greet everyone on Easter!

8. He Is The Savior!

He is the Morning Star

He is the Life

He is the Redeemer

He is the Savior

May His blessings be upon you on Easter and always!


Easter wish for the mature!

9. Eggs-tra Special Easter!

Wishing you an Eggs-tra Special Easter.

Hope your Easter is warm and wonderful.

Happy Easter!


A bright wish to share the joy of Easter time with your friends and family!

10. Happy Easter Hours!

It’s time of rebirth…

When rays of hope linger

With the blooming of the buds!

It’s time of renewal…

When greys of winter come to life

With the dawn of Spring!


Send these floral Easter wishes with musical delight!

Till then, spread some love and cheer!


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