There Is Always An Easter Full Of Love!

40 days ago on Lent, he made a sacrifice, a sacrifice that changed his life forever.

On Easter Sunday while he was out for work at the café, he was welcomed with surprise & love. Yes, Kevin was greeted with the biggest surprise of his life. Amy, the love of Kevin’s life, the girl whom he pursued every day until Lent, was already waiting for him at the café to tell him how much she missed him all this while and that she has realized now how much she loves him.

This wasn’t it! Amy expressed her love to Kevin in the cutest of ways possible. She got a coffee from the café which was able to create a heart with the coffee foam on top of his coffee. The café, on knowing the whole occasion, offered Amy few other ideas to make this memorable on Easter. Amy, who actually came in to propose Kevin that day, got a ring for him. The guys from the café made it special by adding a surprise element to it and theming it as per Easter. They hid the ring in an Easter egg, which Kevin grabbed casually off the table they were seated at. He was taken aback on how the turn of events was. Kevin was overjoyed and emotional. For a guy who didn’t express his emotions, he was teary eyed.

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Kevin & Amy used to work together in the same café and they were doing the same shifts while in university. Kevin was always the nice guy a girl would dream of having as her life partner, yet he was never considered more than a friend. From the very first day, Kevin and Amy struck a chord. Kevin was really helpful on and off shifts and if there was no work Kevin would help with assignments.

Slowly but steadily, their bond grew stronger and they became closest of friends. Everything was fine for Kevin until he lost his heart to Amy, not realizing when. It was her smile, it was how she made him feel, it was her stupidity and the endless jokes between them or maybe it was much more beyond words which made Kevin fall for her.

Kevin knew Amy liked Rob in the same café they worked and for that very reason he never told Amy about his feelings. He didn’t want to come between them. But little did Amy know that Rob was never committed to any relationship and Amy’s heart was broken. All this while, Kevin was always there. There was not a single day when Kevin did not think about Amy, not a day without speaking to her, not a day without looking at her and not a day without caring for her.

Kevin tried doing all he could to make Amy realize his love for her but she never understood, until Easter. Kevin had moved on to another café and Amy did not have any clue. He had sacrificed her presence in his life on Lent, because he couldn’t imagine Amy with anyone else nor could he not be without her. This painful decision was taken after a lot of consideration by Kevin and no one knew about it apart from Rob who knew how Kevin felt about Amy. Amy was clueless as to what was happening.

Day’s passed and there was no contact from Kevin. Kevin had to let go of her, he couldn’t live with that pain any longer. Amy on the other hand kept thinking about what could have possibly happened. She was worried and tried finding out from everywhere about Kevin but he just moved away. As Easter came closer, Amy started to realize how incomplete her life was without Kevin, how much she missed him and that there was no one who could make her feel as special as Kevin.

On the eve before Easter Sunday, Rob wrote to Amy about Kevin, telling her the possible turn of events. Amy, despite losing trust to Rob believed him for everything that he told her, for it seemed all like a disjoint puzzle coming together. Amy thought about Kevin all night and all the moments they shared and as the night took its course, she realized how stupid she had been all this while. She had been ignorant of love around her. A guy who had been in love with her all this while, caring for her, being with her and more importantly loving her for what she was, was a lot more than she could have asked. She asked Rob if he knew where Kevin was working now and Rob using his contacts managed to find that out for Amy and as it turned out later, Kevin and Amy found love in each other and 5 years later, that love can be seen in their fights, in their stupidity and in their small little family with 2 kids.

Sometimes we need to let go of things that matter the most to us, only to realize how incomplete we are without them.

This Easter, whether it’s breaking your fast after sacrificing the dearest thing to you or realizing that you have a Kevin right by you, look beside you because the most lovable and the dearest things are often ignored by us. Let that not happen to you. Treasure them, value them and most importantly tell them how much you love them this Easter. Life is incomplete without such near and dear ones.


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