This Mothers Unconditional Love Will Make You Cry!

Every time a child is born so is a Mother. An incredibly powerful and an eternal bond is formed between them that lasts for a lifetime and the cord though broken at the time of birth remains between them forever.

As you grow your mother is always there for you; there to tuck you in, to teach you and to cheer you up on days you feel blue.

A mother is there to listen to you when you call. She is there to raise the spirits as you explore, to create and dance the night away. She is there to help you to build trust and faith. She is there by your side when others have left you; in good times, and in hard times. She is there in the details of daily life.

Life surely doesn’t come with a manual, but it comes with a mother.

Her love is unconditional, passionate, selfless and knows no end. Her love for her children is so pure that it is quite difficult to put into words.

Let us all celebrate motherhood with a beautiful story of a mother’s unconditional love which will make you weep.


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An old woman, Mrs. Bill, seriously had started running 20 km a day. Can you think what inspired her?

Was it because she wanted to look good again? Or did she do it for her health? Or was she preparing herself for an important day? Or was she falling in love?


The doctor had told Mrs. Bill that time was running out for her son. Her son had an end stage disease and the best treatment was kidney transplant. But, the kidney transplant was not quite easy as the body of the donor and donee had to match.

So, Mrs. Bill asked the doctor if she could give her kidney to save him.

The doctor told her to reduce her weight by 20 kg so that she could be able to have the transplant operation for her son.

Three months later, after a lot of effort, Mrs. Bill managed to reduce her weight.

Mrs. Bill told the doctor that all her life she had never thought of reducing her weight. She had now lost weight not because she wanted to look good, not because she was afraid of disease and health, but to save her son.

Source:James Bang

Ah! A story so heart-touching and love so pure!

Being a mother is one of the best feelings in the world. Children are a part of their mothers heart. A mother gives them unconditional love and will do sacrifice anything for them without expecting anything in return.

This Mother’s Day let us thank the women who have loved, mentored and mothered you, and honor the selflessness and love of moms.

Till then, spread some love and cheer!


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