Top 12 Father’s Day Messages!

Fathers have always been a friend, guide, mentor and hero to his children.

Father’s Day is an occasion for you to show your father how important he is in your life. It’s important that you let your dad know how much he means to you.

This day calls for some exciting and lovable messages to be sent to your dad. It is the perfect day to say, “I love you, dad.” and present him with gifts of gratitude and express your emotions. And, what better way than to do it with Father’s Day messages! A simple wish and a message can contribute to his happiness and bring a smile to his face.

Take a sneak peak at our top 12 Father’s day messages that you can send to your father to wish him Happy Father’s Day. So why wait, just go to him and speak your heart out. If he is far away, then here is a load of the best cards on the planet and if your father has an email id, whatsapp, texting or he is on any social media, you can do it sitting right here. He will cherish it forever.

  • Dear Dad, I Love You!

Dear Dad,

Your unconditional support and presence have made me feel safe…

You are always there to support me with advice

I have not told you often n enough how much

I Love You!

Happy Father’s Day!


Tell your father how he had been a support throughout and that you love him!

  • Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing you a

Happy Father’s Day!

May all your dreams and wishes come true!


Keep it simple and keep it joyful. Make these cute letters do the talking and wish a great guy a Happy Father’s Day!

  • A Wish For Father’s Day!

Making a wish for you…

Wishing you wellness, goodness and kindness…

And the very best in life,

For now and forever…

Happy Father’s Day!


Special wishes for Father’s Day!

  • Fireworks Wishes For Father’s Day!

Celebrating a wonderful


Happy Father’s Day!

May all your dreams come true!


Have a blast on Father’s Day!

  • Father’s Day Barbecue!

Hope your day is well done!

Have a happy…

Father’s Day!


Wish a perfect Father’s Day!

  • Beer Game For Father’s Day!

Father’s Day

Grab a beer…


Wishing you a very

Happy Father’s Day!


Special interactive Father’s Day wishes!

  • To Bug Or To Hug?

So you think I am here to bug you??? Huh??


I am here to give you a big hug and say

Happy Father’s Day!


Tell him for once you aren’t gonna bug but give him a big hug! He’ll love it and have a chuckle to boot!

  • Missing You Dad!

Distance may…

Separate us,

And the miles

may be long…

But in my thoughts…

you are here

And you will always be in my heart

Happy Father’s Day


A beautiful message for Father’s Day!

  • Man Of Great Wisdom!

To a man of few words

But of

Great wisdom

Your actions have always spoken louder than words

And have always been an inspiration for me!

Happy Father’s Day!


Sometimes words don’t come easy. This Happy Father’s Day ecard coupled with a thoughtful message helps you voice your feelings!

  • Beautiful Wishes For Father’s Day!

On Father’s Day sending you some wishes for you

May your day be beautiful and calm…

May good health and happiness always be yours…

May your heart be filled with the warmth of goodness…

And may all your dreams and wishes come true!

Happy Father’s Day!


Wish a happy Father’s Day!

  • Father’s Day Hugs!

Sending you loads

Of big hugs!

Happy Father’s Day!


Send loads of big hugs on Father’s Day!

  • A Father’s Day Wish!

A father is like an experienced leader…

You can always follow…

A father is like a friend, always by your side…

A father is a good teacher, a trustworthy mentor and guide.

Today is the day to appreciate you for all that you are…

Thinking of you and sending across my warm wishes

Hope your day be as special as you are!

Happy Father’s Day!


A heartwarming Father’s Day ecard!

Till then, spread some love and cheer!



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