Animated Short Film on Love and Relationships!

Does love really mean that one will always be happy in a relationship?

We are naturally bothered when other person doesn’t behave the way we expect them to or when things don’t go our way. There are so many people who are hurt in love and are unhappy because their relationships are not working out. Some of them keep grumbling yet they stay together, very rare of them to work it out and many just part ways to restore peace in their lives.

‘The Gift” is a beautifully animated short film produced by Cecilia Baeriswyl and directed by Julio Pot which illustrates exactly what it is to love and to be loved. This animated short film is about an ordinary couple that revolves around the theme of love and relationships. It shows the different stages that all couple goes through, from the infatuation stage to the understanding stage and to the stage of disturbances.

This beautiful film was selected in more than 100 international festivals, included Animamundi (Brasil), Animpact (South Korea), CutOut Fest (México), Busan (South Korea), Mar del Plata Film Festival (Argentina) and Siggraph Asia.

Watch this video to see how love works. This great animated film is as fun, sweet, happy and sad as real love is and will make you go aww!

This animated short film on love and relationships open up various questions in anyone’s love life.

The question is how would you like to be happy in love?

  1. Would you give your heart to someone and lose it out later?
  2. Would you exchange your heart with someone else’s?
  3. Would you share your heart with someone else?
  4. Or would you not give away your heart at all, but take someone else’s?

These are questions that you need to ask yourself whenever you feel you gave run out of luck in love. Answer these questions true to your heart and see how easily solutions can be worked out so that you remain happy in your relationships and love.

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