A Hug A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

A Hug A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

With just a few days away for the Hug Month, plan to surprise your loved ones with warm hugs.

There is nothing in the world more comforting than a warm tight hug and sometimes, a hug a day is all that we need! But, did you know a hug a day could keep the doctor away! Is there a better medicine on the planet if this could keep the doctor away?

Hugging is naturally sweet and is healthy for the body, mind, and soul. It is a natural way to show somebody you think they are great. A hug from your loved one is also a perfect cure for a bad mood.

Science says hugging is a powerful way of healing and besides helping you feel connected and close to people you care about. It turns out that hugs can bring a host of health benefits to your body and mind.

  • Health benefits of hugging: When you have hugged your heart rate slows and your blood pressure is lowered. Oxytocin (the bonding hormone) is released when you give a hug. It is especially helpful if you’re feeling anxious.
  • Safety boosts with hugs: The nurturing touch of a hug builds a sense of safety and trust which eventually helps with an open and honest communication. That’s what happens when you hug a child; it reassures a sense of safety in him and brings him close to you.
  • Hugging helps spread happiness and elevates mood: Holding a hug for an extended time lifts one’s serotonin levels, creating happiness and elevating mood. Haven’t you seen a smile on someone’s face when you have just given a hug?
  • Hugging gives an immediate surge of acceptance and connection: Hugging is emotionally healthy too. As mentioned above, the act of hugging releases Oxytocin- “the bonding hormone” in our brains. Oxytocin is the same hormone that is released when a mother gives birth, giving her and her child an instant bond. So, when we are hugged, we feel an immediate surge of acceptance and connection.
  • Hugging even helps relieve stress: Today’s world is a stress. With every advancement of technology, there is a mental, physical and emotional stress in everyone’s life. A good squeeze can lower levels of cortisol- a stress hormone- in our bodies. This would help your mind calm down and deal smoothly with different types of stress and stressful activities.

WOW! So many benefits with just a hug a day!

I wanted to get a jump-start on this wonderful month and give each one of you a warm- long hug from afar!
I’m looking forward to experiencing this warm and sweet month and I recommend giving more hugs as part of a healthy lifestyle as it is a miracle drug!

While I can’t be there to hug each and every one of you in person, I hope you hug each one coming your way and help ease their stress levels for once atleast. Make everyone is your life happy.

Have a great hug month ahead.

No matter how you celebrate this month, make sure to spread smiles by sending warm hug ecards.

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  1. Hi there, I’m publishing a book called, “Hug Someone You Love Today”, which showcases the power of Hugs, and I’d like to use your story in my book. The deadline is Sept 30. Are you interested?

    Mike Pickles 
    Educator, Speaker and Author

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