31 Ways To Celebrate Romance Every Day!

31 Ways To Celebrate Romance Every Day!

Woah! August is just around the corner! August being the Romance Awareness Month makes it the perfect month to celebrate all of love and romance. Falling almost halfway between Valentine’s Day and just a few months before the great holiday season, the month of August gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate and cherish the romantic moments between the milestones.

It is the little things that count and same goes for love. Sometimes the most memorable things are those little everyday gestures. To celebrate the 31 days of this romantic month, we give you 31 ways to express your love daily. They are so simple yet so meaningful that it will make you and your lover feel loved in a fun and surprising way.

Here are the 31 ways to celebrate romance every day:

1. Hide cute little love notes in your partner’s jeans pocket, lunch bag, or in the car’s dashboard, like “I love you” kinds.


2. Surprise your partner from behind with a massage on neck, shoulders and back. It will surely ease a lot of stress.


3. Pack a picnic basket and wake them up to an outdoor weekend brunch. Time to be together.


4. Take your partner for a morning walk or an evening walk. Time to create an understanding.


5. Make a collage of some of your pictures together and send it across via WhatsApp or email. Your partner is your friend too.


6. Make a heart with flower petals, coffee beans or anything around the house, and leave it where your partner could find it. It provides an element of fun and play.


7. Set reminders on your partner’s phone with a fun text message that would pop up at an interval of two hours. Let your partner keep remembering that you exist.


8. Surprise your partner at work. Deliver a bouquet of flowers or send some chocolate wrapped in a beautiful packing paper. An element of surprise is always welcome.


9. Write a small note, hold it next to your face and click a picture of yourself with the note, then send it to your love. What a nice way to say something you like.


10. Dedicate a romantic song on Facebook with a poetic caption. It will put a smile on your partner’s face.


11. Learn something new together; could be a new recipe or a new language. It helps build relationships.


12. Leave a cute love note with a box of chocolate on the doorstep of your home. What a cute way to send a gift!


13. Prepare a classic playlist of all their favorite songs, lyrics that truly capture how you feel about each other, or of songs with a shared history. Listen to them when you are alone together.


14. Make a memory note describing your favorite moment together. It will help refresh old memories of togetherness.


15. Enjoy watching your partner’s favorite movie/show together at home with delicious popcorn and or some other munchies. Get cozy and enjoy love.


16. Dedicate a day just to your partner to do whatever they want. Well, in 365 days you should have at least one day for your loved one.


17. Go for a one-night romantic getaway. Make love re-live.


18. Give your partner a blindfold surprise. It will bring tears of joy in your partner’s eyes.


19. Create a mini-relaxation station for your partner. Greet with some comfy slippers, refreshing face wipes, or a glass of wine, and invite them to relax simply and unwind. Who doesn’t want a royal life once in a lifetime.


20. Hug your partner at the most unexpected time. A hug a day keeps the doctor away.


21. Take more interest in your partner’s interest. A common interest will surely help get attention.


22. Just put some slow romantic track and ask your lover if you could have a dance. This is love, dance and candle lit dinner time.


23. Call your partner randomly and tell them you miss/love them. It will help keep the fire alive.


24. Write “I love you” on the mirror. It definitely destroys the mirror but helps your love live.


25. Create a website page dedicated to your partner. He will keep looking at updates from you.


26. Get a bottle of champagne and raise a toast together after dinner. What better way to celebrate love together.


27. Take your partner on a little secret date. Any secret is bound to invite attention.


28. Buy some body paint and write some cute love messages on your body. Your body is a state of information. Help your partner read them.


29. Give your partner a foot massage. Ease the pain and rekindle the energy of love.


30. Go to watch a romantic movie, choose two seats in the back row, hold each other’s hands, and cuddle.


31. Send some cute ecards with a customized text. Keep your love life alive.


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We hope we gave you some really fresh and romantic ideas for you to try today. They are truly an amazing way to surprise your lover and celebrate Romance Awareness Month. Relive, rekindle, reignite the energy, love, romance and purpose to live together this month.

Till then spread some love, love, and more love!





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