3 Best Short Love Stories Which Will Make You Cry!

stories which will make you cry

You might have read beautiful love stories before. But, you might have never read really short ones which can make you cry in just a few lines.

These heart melting tales on love are a powerhouse of emotions and are bound to make you cry. Try not to underestimate the impact of these by their limited words as each and every story is so special. It will make you instantly relate it with your life and experiences.


When I told you…

“When I told you I was sick, you cried.

When I got on the plane to have my operation you didn’t say good bye.

I got lucky and got a donor,

But when I came home, I couldn’t find you.

Finally I asked your mom and she said with tears in her eyes

“Where do you think you got your heart from?”

Challenge of love…

“A boyfriend gave a challenge to his girlfriend to love a day without him. No communications at all and said If she passed it, he will love her forever. His girlfriend agreed to his challenge and so she did not text or call him the whole day, without knowing that his boyfriend has only 24 hours to live because he was suffering from cancer.

She excitedly went to her boyfriend’s house the next day.

Tears fell as she saw her boyfriend lying on the coffin with a note on the side.

“You did it baby, can you do it every day? I love you!””


Three years…

“Fragrant pens.

Pink papers.

Three years.

Only the dustbin knows how much he loves her.”


Did these love stories make you cry? If it did and you got some similar ones just shoot them to us for a quick review.

Till then, spread some cheer!

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