National Grandparents Day- Solid Reasons To Celebrate It!

national grandparents day

What better time to celebrate National Grandparents Day!

They are the reason you’re so spoilt, they are the reason you feel so pampered and they are the reason why there is this unending flow of love in family. Yes you guessed it right. They are your grandparents and what better day than National Grandparents Day to shower all your love on them.

Grandparents, without any doubt, are the most important people in any grandchild’s life.  The extraordinary love that a grandchild gets from their grandparents is a love that no one else can bestow. From buying you your favorite candies when your mom says no, to listening about all their childhood fun, your childhood is enriched with such memories only because of them. Even on any dull day they are with their grand children sprucing up their day with all such kind of things.

In times like today, when schedules are so demanding and parenting has never been so challenging, values of grand parents have never been so important in upbringing children like us. At times like these, we should not underestimate the importance of their teachings, their care and the unconditional love which will hold us all throughout our lives.

We all remember our first lesson they gave us and on one fine evening when we are reliving those childhood memories, they become part of our conversations and discussions linen up when we talk about how they made our childhood so special and how it will never be the same again. But all this happiness comes with a lot of sacrifice because somewhere someone is making sacrifices for us to make our lives better and they are none other than our Grandparents.

My grandmother’s love is a special one which inspires me each day. She always understands the things I say or do, overlooks my faults and finds the best in me. She even spreads her joy and happiness in her warm and caring way!

My grandfather is someone very special. He is someone I can go to with a problem, trust to keep a secret and count on in times of need. He is loyal, honest and trustworthy, and is someone I can be dependent on always.

On this National Grandparents Day, here is a beautiful old couple who have been married for over 28 years. Both of them love to sing together at home, in church, and anywhere they get an opportunity. The loving couple decides to take their grandson for a ride and serenade him with Disney’s “Love Is An Open Door” from the movie ‘Frozen.’

Source: pearlmcp

What an exhilarated moment when the grandson excitedly joins in as it is one of his favorite movies. It surely makes this day so special.

Hope you had as much fun watching this video as much as we had sharing it with you. Share this with your grandparents and make them feel loved and special.

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To all the grandparents out there, we wish you a very Happy National Grandparents Day!

Till then, spread some love and cheer!


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