7 Great Reasons To Fall In Love With Autumn!

reasons to fall in love with autumn


Are you in love with autumn?

As the summer fades away and leaves turn red, gold and crimson, a new season starts, and we know it’s autumn which is in the air.  Though every season has its own upside, fall has a particular beauty to it which makes us fall in love with autumn all the more. Lovers of the season reveal its unique beauty of turning the entire world into one big canvas with nature’s paintbrush, making it look phenomenal!

  1. Season of love and romanticism:

Autumn is a season where everyone falls in love with anything and everything. Autumn is a season full of love and romanticism, a season to cherish nature and to fall in love with it, a season of remembrance, a season of giving thanks to loved ones near and far, and also a season of festivity!

  1. Season of Festivals and Holidays:

Autumn is a season where almost everything seems to be on the brink of happening. It is a special time of the year for all the people around the globe. It is time to get ready for festivals and holidays. From the very first day of Autumn to Rosh Hashanah to Canadian Thanksgiving to Sweetest Day to Boss’s Day  and to preparing up for all things that lead to Halloween.

  1. Season of family gatherings:

While Thanksgiving is a special celebration full of family gatherings, holiday meals, holiday parades and above all, it is about being grateful for all that God has bestowed; Halloween is a time to get the bags ready for the candies and sweets to be collected and consumed, and to decide on the costumes for trick-or-treat.

No matter what your traditions are, take some time to enjoy those special moments with your loved ones.

  1. Season of great food:

It’s a great time for foodies, too – with grapes, figs, truffles and chestnuts coming into  season.

  1. Season to preserve memories:

Autumn is the perfect pause just before the leap where we realize how beautiful all the things are that we are about to lose. There is not one single day that goes by in autumn where we don’t want to reach out and grab everything that we see. We want to preserve the moments and memories of the time spent with our dear ones, the withering leaves blowing in the wind or the kind of sunny day that still requires us to wear a light jacket and scarf.

  1. Season for a perfect excuse to go on a holiday:

Perhaps we missed out on a holiday this year? Or maybe we simply need a final fix of sunshine before winter sets in? Either way, autumn is a great time going on scenic road trips across the countryside littered with dry red and orange maple leaves.

  1. Season of apple picking:

Autumn is also the perfect excuse to head outdoors and enjoy the crisp fall weather. And, what better way to ring in autumn and truly experience nature than apple picking with your honey. Apple picking makes for an excellent romantic fall date getaway as it is a stress-free way to spend the day.  You and your sweetheart get to enjoy the crisp fall air, which can be very invigorating; and you also can get some great fall photos as the scenery at the orchards is usually pretty amazing.

Wow!  Now that we know why we are all falling in love with autumn, I really looking forward to this beautiful season and have a blast with my sweetheart.

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With the heat retracting it’s the perfect time to step outside to look at Mother Nature and to embrace the beautiful sights, sounds, and the smell of fall. Make the changing season as an excuse to revamp with new goals, get inspired and inspire others!

May this new season of autumn bring health, happiness, and prosperity.

Till then, spread some love and cheer!

Happy Autumn!




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