5 Reasons To Love Rosh Hashanah!

rosh hashanah

What an exciting time of the year it is, especially for the Jewish folk with Rosh Hashanah coming up in the next couple of days. This festival is all about celebrations, family gatherings, special meals and sweet food. Of course, we all know that Rosh Hashanah is a great religious festival but has a great cultural significance too. Today we give you 5 reasons to love the Jewish New Year all the more.

  • Time for some great food: One of the reasons to love Rosh Hashanah is because its rituals revolve around food, with a large number of symbolic dishes being served. It is customary to have big feasts on both nights of the Jewish New Year. The Jewish try to refrain from sour and bitter food, and eat those that symbolize hope for a sweet and pleasant year ahead. The following are some of the sweet foods of Rosh Hashanah:

Apples dipped in honey.

Round Challah


Honey Cake


  • Time for introspection: Rosh Hashanah is a great time to re-evaluate ourselves and also our behavior in the past year. It is a time to reassess our dreams, our goals, the way we treat others, and who we really want to be. This makes Rosh Hashanah a time for introspection.
  • Time for music festivals and parties: ­­There are amazing music festivals and nature parties during this time. From Wave Festival, a colorful 3-day festival on the beach, to the Pashut Festival, a 3-day nudist festival in the desert, to the Old City Festival, Rosh Hashanah is a perfect time to celebrate with gaiety and grandeur.
  • Time to help others: Rosh Hashanah is a time where we think about helping others. It is traditional to make offerings of charity.
  • Time for New Year’s resolutions: Now is the perfect time to work on all those little things we have been putting off for ages. Whether it’s learning French, taking up a new class, meeting more people, or upgrading your job, make sure you do something new this year.
  • Time for shofar: On Rosh Hashanah, it is a mitzvah (commandment; good deed) to hear the blowing of the shofar. The shofar is a ram’s horn, and it is blasted as a call to worship and as a spiritual wake-up call. Now that Rosh Hashanah is right here, it’s time to start thinking of the Jewish New Year and also what cards to send out to your loved ones to ring in the New Year and wish then a Happy Rosh Hashanah.

Here are some of the most stylish, gorgeous and streamlined Rosh Hashanah greetings for all your loved ones.

Rosh Hashanah Wishes!love stories_ logo 2

Warm Wishes!love stories_ logo 2

Wishing You Happiness!poem3love stories_ logo 2

Whether you are celebrating the Jewish New Year yourself, with family or friends, do celebrate the beautiful life you lead and cherish others.

Till then, be refreshed, inspired and enlightened for the New Year!

Shanah Tovah Umetukah — wishing you all a good and sweet new year!




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