This Is What World’s Sweetest Smile Can Do For You!

You smile, I smile

Have you ever felt that you just saw the world’s sweetest smile and your world just passed? Has a smile touched you somewhere deep down your heart? Or a smile that made you happy instantly? If yes, then that is the hint you need to watch out for. This is when a love story is created justifying the typical norms of love- ‘Love begins with a smile.’

But, can just a stretch of lips really hatch a new relationship of care, comfort, and love? David & Rebecca bring out a beautiful love story which begins with the world’s sweetest smile.

On a cozy autumn weekend noon at a nearby coffee joint, David was relishing his favorite latte with his childhood friend, Victor. They were busy in tittle-tattle about random people when suddenly David’s eyes caught the attention of a girl sitting at the corner most table. The girl was fair complexioned, with wavy long hair, and beautifully carved eyes. But what drew David’s attention was the sadness in her eyes. As the girl kept looking at her phone, tears rolled down her cheeks.

Being a sweet person that David was, he wanted to do something for her. He quickly ordered his favorite coffee with a cookie for her and wrote her a little note that said, ‘Life can be tough but there is always a reason to smile. Find it.’

Perplexed with the unordered items, in a soft low tone the girl told the waiter, ‘Sorry, but I didn’t order it.’ The waiter smiled and pointed to David. Looking all the more perplexed she picked up the note and read it. As she read the note, David could see a smile emerging from her gloomy face. For some unknown reason, David felt contended and the smile on her face made David smile too.

Just then she stood up, smiled at David and left the café with the note that read, ‘Thank you so much for this thoughtful gesture. For today you are the reason I smile.’

Even David left the café with a happy heart but only to return again and again hoping that he would get to meet her. Every night he reminisced her smile and went through the note that she had given. A strange connection was taking shape between them.

David had been visiting the café for over a week now. It was a Sunday noon when David with a fading hope, entered the café only to see the most awaited sight of his life.

The girl was right there, sitting all alone at the same place, the corner most table. To his delight, she looked up, saw him and gave the most beautiful smile that made David feel as if his world had just paused and the only thing that was in the focus of his eye was her smile. Breaking the array of his thoughts he reciprocated her unsaid greeting with an ever so cheerful smile.

Mustering some courage he went up to her and even before she could say anything he picked up the red rose adorning the table next to him and made the most unplanned proposal of his life. It seemed as though things were just happening to him in a hypnotized manner.

Without any reaction, the girl stood up and started to walk out. He couldn’t even stop her because he didn’t know her name and all he could say was, ‘Stop. Please stop. I didn’t mean to embarrass you it just happened.’ Without even looking back the girl left as if she had never heard anything and when he started to run behind her, the waiter stopped David and said she is deaf.

The waiter then told David everything about her. Her name was Rebecca; a frequent visitor to this café. He also told him that she was in a relationship and that she and her boyfriend used to come there together until her deafness started bothering him and embarrassing him in front of his friends. The day she was waiting for him, all she got was a text from him that said ‘I can’t be your hearing aid anymore. It’s all over!’

David was dumb struck. Somehow the fact that she’s deaf didn’t bother him. He took Rebecca’s address from the waiter and without losing even a moment went to meet her.

He rung the doorbell as he reached her place. Rebecca opened the door, totally surprised she just looked at him with tearful eyes and even before she could say anything he grabbed her and gave her the warmest hug. He then took out a pen and wrote on paper- ‘It was your smile I fell for, it was your smile that matters, it was your smile I could see, hear, speak and feel. Till the time you smile, I’ll smile and that’s how we’ll make it work.’

Even Rebecca couldn’t ignore an honest confession and she just fell in his arms. There was a flood of mixed emotions that brewed; there were tears of happiness and smile of a new beginning.

Today they are one of the happiest couples in town and when anyone asks David to share his love story he says ~ It all began with a smile.

If your story started with the world’s sweetest smile, do write to us.

Till then, share a smile!

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  1. My Beloved Victoria, I´ll send you this Love-Card with a big smile to you, honey!
    Our Love keeps growing say by day, course we are meant to a life together, my lovely wife to be!
    Love and Care
    from yours man,

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