Wall Calendar 2017: Ocean of Love Events and Holidays!

wall calendar 2017

Is your partner upset with your habit of not wishing them on special events and holidays? Is your love-life going down the hill because you and your partner are not celebrating the little joys of life? And, are you hunting for something that would help you remember when to spice up your love-life in the coming year?

Don’t worry! You are at the right place.

If you want to remember or do anything, there’s a wall calendar 2017 which can help you during the next year. This beautiful wall calendar features a wide array of love events and holidays, along with quirky global events embarked for each day, which can help make your life sweeter.

wall calendar

Talking about love during the next year, you could welcome the happy holidays and add warmth to these cold winter days by celebrating Housewives Day, Forget Me Not Day, Christmas, National Cuddle Up Day, Whisper ‘I Love You’ Day, National Hugging Day, National Compliment Day, Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Week to name a few;  with your partner.

Rejuvenate and spread smile, and let spring arrive in your love-life. There are so many ways to spread the joy of spring. Who can resist a smile when you surprise them with sweet nothings on ‘Say Something Nice Day’? Or why not spring into action on Kiss Your Mate Day, Love Conquers All Day, Profess Your Love Day, or Loving Day?

Similarly in summer, spread love by celebrating World Kissing Day, National Girlfriends Day, True Love Forever Day, Hug Your Sweetheart Day, Kiss And Make Up Day, and the list is endless. Celebrating these beautiful events will surely add more romance to your love life.

Fall is a season of expressing love and romance. Spread the magic of this beautiful season by celebrating Wife Appreciation Day, National Boyfriend Day, Sweetest Day,  National I Love You Day, and my favorite Love Note Day.  Love notes can be a fun way to add a bit of excitement and appreciation in your love life.

Wow!! Too many love holidays to look forward in this coming year!

And the best part is that all this is easily and very nicely shown in the 123Greetings Wall Calendar 2017. The heartwarming words about love, family, friendship and holidays with delightful illustrations in this charming wall calendar makes it ­a perfect gift for  yourself this holiday season.

If you want a copy to get the dates on these lovely love events and set a ready reminder for yourself or your love, first tap on Wall Calendar 2017 and you will be able to get one for yourself at a reasonably low cost.

Start planning 2017 with your love and turn every day into something special.

Till then spread some love and share some of your happy moments with us.





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