5 New Year Resolutions For A Better Relationship!

New Year

Now that the New Year is here, just like most people we see this as a time to make some amendments. All kinds of resolutions are made on how to improve ourselves, how to get more exercise, to better self-care, to read the great works of literature or to learn a new instrument. These are all great resolutions! But, wouldn’t we want to make some resolutions that would help our relationship get better?

The health of our relationship is extremely vital. By doing simple and little things, we can make sure our relationship thrives and survives. So put aside your personal resolutions for a moment to put your love life at the top of your New Year resolutions this year.

Here are 5 New Year resolutions, I believe, all couples would benefit from taking on.


  • Schedule Time Together:

All of us have such busy lives these days that this is easier said than done. Scheduling time together is something we always want to do, but all our other commitments seem to come first.  So what we should to do is get a new diary, and the first thing we write in it is our ‘couple time’ for the upcoming month. You and your partner deserve and need to spend time with each other.  Even it is inexpensive and for some time, a little private time will do the trick.

Here are a couple of concrete examples: – if you can’t do it everyday,set aside an evening once a week, set up 20 minutes to either eat pizza together or put on music and dance, that will be your together time.

Once these times are scheduled in, make them your priority, treat them as you would treat an important appointment, but just don’t give yourself the option to cancel.


  • Talk To Each Other:

Try to take 10-15 minutes each day and anything and everything. Some of your time with each other should be spent on talking about what you like and don’t like about the relationship, how the relationship is going, and what you are thinking and feeling.

Make sure you regularly talk to your partner about anything that’s been concerning you. It could be about your work, the house, the children or anything else.

The more you talk about these to each other, the more you will trust each other, confide in each other and eventually make your relationship better.


  • Be Selfish:

An important part of a healthy relationship is to give yourself enough attention. When you look after yourself, you feel good, and that will reflect in your relationship. So do not ever feel guilty about pampering and enjoying yourself.

If you are stressed because you aren’t being able to give sufficient time to yourself, then it surely would hamper your relationship.

Do what you feel like sometimes doing, whether it is going out for a walk, or going for a swim, playing games, do it but also make sure your partner understands why.  A happy couple knows that each of you needs your own time and space.


  • Mention Good And Bad:

It is important to be to able to mention the good things that makes you happy and  things that work well between the two of you; but you also need to be secure enough to speak up if something isn’t right or something that you are not happy with in a relationship.

When you discuss the good and bad, you enforce trust in your relationship and trust is something which is the base of healthy and long lasting relationship.


  • Take A Break From Children:

Take a parenting sabbatical. Find a person whom you can trust to look after your kids on a regular basis. This is truly one of the biggest favors you can do for your relationship. Don’t get so submerged under the demands of parenthood, to an extent that you forget that you are a couple. This is not good for the entire family.

Any change be it small or big starts by being aware that something has to be different. Though, I agree, change can be hard, but taking a small step can help you lead a beautiful life and an enhanced  relationship you desire!

Let the coming year be a start of a healthy relationship, one which can instill confidence, trust and a healthy future for both of you.

Here is wishing all of you the very best and empowered relationship in the coming New Year!


New Year brings with it new hopes and new opportunities to explore. Send warm New Year ecards to loved ones.

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