7 Phases Of The ‘I Love You’ Experience!

i love you

Falling in love is a beautiful journey and many times, the greatest of romances begin with the three lovely words; I love you.

In a relationship, there are many different stages. From infatuation stage to the stage of disturbances to a happy stage to stage of complete trust and everything in between.

It is so true that depending on each stage of our relationship we decide to mention these three golden words. After dating our partner, it’s quite likely that the phrase ‘I love you’ we hear for the very first time, rings a different tune from the one we hear after a year or later. This happens because the two people in a relationship end up growing together and within their pathway of personal growth; each of them experiences new circumstances that affect the bond with the other person. Hence, the real meaning of this phrase continues to evolve all the way through the journey.

So no matter how you say it, where you say it or when you say it, there is some love always present.

Here are the 7 phases of ‘I love you experience.

By The End Of Three Months:

  • In the first three months after you say ‘I love you’, you experience fun like never before. You will like where this is going.
  • These three golden words will help open up a beautiful life and future together.
  • Mentioning ‘I love you’ during this stage will help you experience an intense attraction and urge to be with each other. These words will help you overcome any flaws between the two of you.
  • Saying ‘I love you’ within the first three months of the relationship will keep on communicating the feeling that the believe you have for this person will last a lifetime.
  • It’s a feeling of really liking each other every time you say ‘I love you.
  • Every time you speak these wonderful words during this time will help avoid any emotional misunderstandings between you.

By The End Of Six Months:

  • During this phase saying ‘I love you’ will make you feel you are great together and will make you keep thinking about each other.
  • Express your love for each other through photos, letters, gifts, posts, etc.
  • ‘I love you’ means a lot more now than what it meant three months ago. Saying these three words will help you convey that you love how your partner makes you feel.
  • It’s a feeling of really becoming a part of each other’s lives.
  • During this phase saying ‘I love you’ will not just help you learn about your partner, but also learn about yourself in the process.

After A Year:

  • During this phase of your relationship, saying ‘I love you’ will help in experiencing pure and unconditional love.
  • You will feel your partner is your world and you will experience your lives being thoroughly entangled.
  • Saying ‘I love you’ will help you avoid the question who feels it more.
  • ‘I love you’ will help you feel safe and comfortable, and there is even no need to worry about falling too hard for the other person, as there is no question of who feels more.
  • Telling your partner you love them, will help relax you, open up, and make you feel you are more complete.


After A Year and A Half:

  • During this phase of your relationship, the three magical words will help you experience your win becoming their win, and their loss becoming yours.
  • Even their happiness becomes yours and your pain becomes theirs.
  • During this stage, expressing your love will help you know anything and everything about each other.
  • By saying ‘I love you’, sacrifices that you once thought you would never make for your partner will eventually start happening.
  • Those three magic words will now implicitly send the message that ‘you’re not alone.’

In Two Years:

  • During this time, saying ‘I love you’ will help you look forward to the future.
  • It will help you become quite confident about the fact that as long as the two of you are together, whatever lies ahead can’t be that scary.
  • These three magical words will help you want more and will help you be ready to build more than just a relationship together.
  • The three magical words during this stage will mean ‘I love what we are, and I’m going to love what is to come.’
  • Saying ‘I love you’ will help push each other to new levels, and will make you happily accept the challenge.


In About Three Years:  

  • During this phase when things are getting more serious, it will help make you take the next step and your relationship more permanent.
  • ‘I love you’ will now mean a statement of commitment. A commitment that you are not going anywhere and you want to share everything with your partner; from your home address to your last name.
  • Mentioning ‘I love you’ will help you be the last thought before they drift off to sleep and the first thought when they wake up each morning.

Beyond Marriage:

After marriage, these three words can keep on the journey of togetherness during this lifetime. There could be differences, disputes or disagreements, but these words will help overcome every negativity that, there is.

Just keep treating these three words as magical in your love-life and see that the wonders of magic will keep working to help your life become more happy and successful.

Till then, spread some love and cheer!

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