Top 4 Health Benefits of Cuddling!

Health Benefits of Cuddling!

Isn’t it fun to cuddling and snuggling with a person whom you love so much?  Did you know that you love to cuddle not just because it is fun and feels good, but also because it helps you relax and change your outlook towards life?

Cuddling is one of the essential parameters of a healthy relationship. Cuddling is wonderful. It offers tons of benefits to both your bodies and relationship as a whole. From better social skills to chemical releases, cuddling is an all around activity to perform. It’s hard to find any reason for not cuddling with your partner every day because it offers so many benefits in terms of both physical as well as physiological ones.

It may sound amazingly simple, but when you look a bit deeper, there are many things that we get from a good cuddle. The benefits of cuddling are so surprising that you would want to cuddle your partner right now and then forever.


Physical and physiological Benefits of Cuddling:

  • Cuddling helps you create intimacy: Cuddling, especially in the early stages of relationships helps you create an intimate bond with your partner and allowing you to just focus on each other. When talking about levels of intimacy, snuggling with someone is very affectionate. You are physically as close as you possibly can get. Cuddling is like a prolonged hug and then, who doesn’t love hugs?
  • Cuddling helps you bond together: Sometimes we just can’t find the words to say how we feel. For those times, just shower your partner with cuddles. It’s an easy way to show “I love you“, without actually saying it. It is a way of showing love and care you have for each other and as well as an opportunity to relax together.
  • Cuddling helps spread happiness and elevates mood: The simplest of the reasons to cuddle is that it makes you happy. Cuddling releases Oxytocin, which is known as the “feel-good” hormone. And, only when you feel good and happy you can make others happy too!

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Broad Health Benefits of Cuddling:

  • Cuddling helps you boost your immune system: The immune system is a complex and highly developed system yet today’s world is extremely different from the one our immune system evolved to anticipate. Cuddling with your partner is the best way to still keep your immune system going. Cuddling increases hormones that help you fight infections and make feel on the top of the world. When you feel happy and healthy, you are less likely to get sick.


  • Cuddling helps you reduce stress: Stress is a constant for many of you as you live in a world full of problems. Stress may be on marriage, money, health issues, your kids, your parents, relationships and many more. Even though, how each of you deal with stress is a personal choice. If you are in a relationship you can choose to deal with it through a fun and easy way-‘Cuddling your partner’.A cuddle from your partner can instantly reduce stress by releasing Oxytocin (‘feel-good’ hormone) and decreasing our cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) levels. How much better life would be if you come home from a stressful day at work and get a 10 minutes cuddle from your partner, rather than spending that time continuing to stress over work? Cuddling would definitely reduce stress.


  • Cuddling helps you reduce blood pressure: The world is seeing an alarming rise in high blood pressure cases. Your brain (just like your heart) depends on a nourishing blood supply to work properly and survive. And, high blood pressure can cause several problems. But, did you know cuddling could lower your blood pressure? Yes—Oxytocin hormone again. All the benefits of cuddling listed above, add together to a lower blood pressure.


  • Cuddling relieves pain: Just as cuddling helps you boost your immune system; cuddling and releasing Oxytocin will decrease any kind of pain levels. Whenever your neck or hands hurts, what do you do? You rub it, isn’t? Even simple touches like that release enough ‘feel- good’ hormone to make you feel better. Just imagine the effect cuddling has!


And many more reasons to cuddle more:

·         Cuddling is fun!

·         Cuddling is easy!

·         Cuddling brings comfort

So grab your partner, turn off the lights, get under the blanket, and feel the anesthetic effects of cuddling even more every day.

Till then, spread some love and cheer.

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