Don’t Worry If I Forget Your Name!

Forget Your Name.

I wanted to update you on my battle against memory loss and old age. When I was younger, I always wanted to be the boy who could make the catch while playing baseball, or who could do a chin-up in gym class, somehow demonstrating masculine achievement.

Now, in these over-rated ‘senior years’, I can’t remember when our paths crossed in that special way. It could have been years ago or just a few minutes. It might have been in school, pretending to be interested in whatever was on the blackboard, mandating our attention to prove that none of us were dumb.

But, something in your face brings back that bond we shared, laughing like idiots over an incident that somehow, you and I, experienced together.

What I do know now is, because of these adjustments (my doctor’s comment to the wonderful aging process), I have learnt to find my way out of this situation with a comment, that makes the other person think that I still somehow, am ‘clued in’ on, whatever is happening around me.

Of course, we’ve all changed. Life has left its mark on all of us. But the times we had is saved somewhere in a picture box in an attic, or perhaps more importantly within my soul. Yet your smile or touch still makes my day. Seeing you brings back those warm feelings we once shared, whenever that was.

So remember when I ‘pretend’ that I remember you, you are still in my heart. I’ll make you believe that this is Heaven’s joke. And I’ll respond with my usual, “Yes, how can I forget that day!”

– By John Wisnor

Spring and Easter, both, celebrate birth and new beginnings. There is a lot of joy, love, and energy all around us in this period. The essence of Easter and the joy of spring lies in the memories and experiences you create as you spend time with your friends and families. It reminds you of the love you share with your spouse, parents, children and friends.

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About John Wisor

I am a retired senior who writes for fun and enjoyment. I am a retired former Health Care Executive who has been telling stories for friends/family members to honor and special occasions.

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