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Here are some of the most commonly and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below and if your question still isn’t answered, you can email us directly at

1. What is Love Stories?

Love Stories by 123Greetings, is a blog site that will make you think and feel. This is the best place to get tales of love and romance, spread across 11 categories, from around the globe.

Some of our stories will make you laugh, and some will make you weep, but all of them will thrill and also enthrall you.

Stories on unconditional love and stories based on love quotes will motivate and help you find true happiness inside yourself. Our collection of funny, adorable pet stories will help you to realize the importance of pets and their love for each other could help educate you in changing your lives.

We hope you enjoy reading our vast array of stories.

2. I have a comment to make about this site and on a particular love story or article. Where can I send this?

To make a comment about the site and about a love story or an article, all you need to do is email us directly at You can also leave us a feedback or comment just below that particular article that you would like to give a comment on.

3. I have an issue about this site that is not addressed here. How do I tell you about it?

Please email us directly at, outlining your issue, suggestion or feedback.

4. I have a love story to share. Is it possible to submit it? If yes. then how do I submit it?

A1. Yes! It will be great to read  your love story.

There is a category called ‘Submit Your Story’ on the homepage main menu. Click on that link and submit your love story.

5. I  have submitted a love story to this site, but it still hasn’t been listed. When will it appear?

We receive a large number of love story submissions every week. It takes time for us to review these based on few guidelines and add them to the site. Kindly make sure you meet the guidelines mentioned below:

To be accepted for publishing,  love stories must:

  • It should be factual (you may remain anonymous if you wish)
  • It should consist of a minimum of 50 words.
  • It should contain no explicit or offensive content (we reserve the right to edit if necessary)

If your story does not meet these guidelines, it will not be published on this site.  All successful story submissions will be notified upon publishing via the email address used to submit the story.

6. I have submitted a story to this site, but I would like to update the article or upload a picture that would go with the article . Is this possible?

Yes, absolutely.

Simply email us at,  with your story update and/or attached photo and we will add it to your submitted love story.

7. I have submitted a love story to this site, but I no longer want it to be listed. How do I get it removed?

All love stories submitted for publication to this site become the copyright property of ‘Love Stories’.  However, if you have submitted a love story and no longer wish it to appear on the site,  we would  make every attempt to change your published details, or if preferred, would  remove your submission as quickly as possible.

8. I would like to advertise a product/service on your site. Do you accept advertising?

Yes, absolutely. But, there are a limited number of spots for advertisers wishing to place banner or text ads on this site.

Kindly email us at, with your advertising suggestion and we will advise costs for this service.